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“International Government Communication” reviews the most important elements and successes of the story


On the first day of the International Forum for Government Relations 2021, writers and experts reviewed the elements of a successful story and its key features in a session entitled “Storytelling … What It Is and Its Role in Debate Impact”. Improving empowerment and its debating impact, especially in communicating government news and policies to target groups.
Sharjah 24:

The writers and experts conveyed during the third and final session of the first day sessions the elements of a successful story and the most important elements of its empowerment and improving its clear impact, especially government news and policies to the target groups. The International Forum for Government Communications 2021, which reads “Storytelling … what it is and its role in impact.” Rhetoric.

Participants have these elements and elements: simplicity, realism, authenticity, suspense and emotional touch, and narration and support for facts, the availability of these elements in the story enhances its influential role and illustrates how it can change both the community and personal beliefs.

Rashid al-Balahi, CEO of Storytelling at the Federal Commission for Atomic Energy Regulation, said that supporting government policies, plans and initiatives is one of the most important objectives of government communications, and that storytelling in this space contributes to the delivery of news. Target groups, and makes the recipient the carrier of these messages because storytelling proves the message in the recipient’s mind, emphasizes the success of the UAE and is considered a model in the use of storytelling in its messages and initiatives. Creating the Ministry of Government Decisions and the Ministry of Happiness and other Incentive Ministries There are inspiring stories and rich experiences behind these decisions and initiatives that are an extension of a series of events from the past to the present.

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Al-Saad al-Menhali, editor-in-chief of the National Geographic Arabic magazine, confirmed that strong societies are actually based on stories that describe sadness and pain on the one hand, and stories of hope, happiness and success on the other.

Al-Menhali reviewed the National Geographic Arabic magazine’s storytelling style, with the motto “Science is our approach, study is our guide, and story is the way to change the world.” Slogan for a definite reality that touches on many aspects of life.

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