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Unsolvable victory: Does Schulz need an “ambal” coalition to form a new German government?


The initial results of the parliamentary election did not go far from the polls showing the presence of the Social Democrats, but rather slightly better results than the Socialists had hoped for.

German Social Democratic candidate Olaf Scholes has confirmed his party’s ability to form the next German government under his leadership.

In anticipation of the semi-final results of Sunday’s federal parliamentary election, they showed little progress in favor of the Socialists at the expense of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Alliance.

“I am very happy and grateful that the electorate voted because the citizens decided that an order would be issued to form a Socialist Party government,” Schulz said.

Schulz said he wanted the citizens to “try to form a government” through their election, and he pledged, “We have good ratings. Support for the Christian alliance is declining, a clear signal from the electorate.”

Schultz noted that citizens now want a new leadership, and he believes it is necessary to be slow on policy in terms of coalition elections until all votes are counted.

Schulz demanded that efforts be made to form a government as soon as the votes were counted, and that all parties meet together “on equal terms.”

Referring to the FDP’s withdrawal from talks to form a tripartite coalition with Merkel’s coalition and the Greens after the 2017 election, Schulz said coalition talks should not happen as they did four years ago when government formation failed. Deal with each other. “Without prejudice.”

“Strong” parliamentary constituency

A new poll conducted by German TV channel One on Sunday evening shows that the Social Democrats will have a strong coalition in the next German parliament.

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According to the introduction, the Socialist Party will get 200 seats in parliament, ahead of President Angela Merkel’s Christian Alliance with 198 seats.

With 113 seats, the Greens will have the third strongest coalition in parliament after the Socialists and Christians. The expansion was based on the expectation that the total number of seats in the next parliament would reach 730.

Despite the results showing the progress of the Social Democrats, this does not directly indicate the ability to form a government, either alone or in alliance with the Green Party, an ally of President Gerhard Schrder. Who formed an alliance with the Green Party in the late nineties. The Socialist Party must enter into a tripartite coalition of its own party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party, or the so-called “Ambal” coalition. According to the German channel DW, any traffic light like red, yellow and green.

The second situation in which the Socialist Party can form a government is no longer possible due to the weak decisions of the Left Party, which, if combined with the Socialists and the Greens, will not form a coalition majority and will help form the government.

Raja is the producer

Even after the initial results came out, Christian Lindner, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, sent various messages to the Socialist Party and its historic partner, the Christian Alliance, noting in interviews with candidates and party leaders that the German second channel ZDF was close to its election site. From the Christian Alliance, but he would not reject the alliance with others, and even conversations with the Green Party, despite differences in political views on many issues.

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As for the third possibility, the return to a large government coalition of socialists and conservatives, with a change of seat as Chancellor Schulz, is not the coalition’s number two. But it depends on the final outcome and the desire of the two major parties to return to a larger coalition, although the German electorate chose change two times after Germany was ruled by a bipartisan coalition.

Parties often begin to flirt in such conversations after the candidates and party leaders have finished voting and the initial results of forming the next government appear.

Loose and anxious

Schulz appeared comfortable during a conversation with other rivals on Sunday evening as he returned to his Socialist Party in the spirit of victory. On the contrary, Christian Coalition candidate Armin Lachet said his party had suffered a historic defeat. Worried, but he began to love the Greens and the Free Democrats. If Olaf Scholes fails to satisfy the Greens and the Liberals, the Christian coalition is more likely to form a coalition government of the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.

Marcus Soder, leader of the Bavarian Christian Socialist Party, the younger brother of the Christian Alliance, has also announced his support for the Conservative-led federal coalition, the Green and Non-Business Free Democratic Party. “We firmly believe in the idea of ​​a Jamaican alliance,” Soder said, referring to the flag formed by the colors of the parties that make up the colors of the Jamaican state flag. He explained that CSU would be open to such talks with its sister party, the Christian Democrats, and that it would not be easy to achieve.

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Lindner, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, calls on the Greens to have a first conversation with him, which differs in several files, sending a signal to the two main parties, the two smaller parties in the center, who decide who should enter the presidency.

Social Democrats and conservatives in the CDU believe they can “form a new coalition government” before Christmas.

Armin Laschett said that “Germany will take charge of the Group of Seven in 2022”, while his opponent Olaf Scholes said, “We must do everything we can to make this possible before Christmas.”


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