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International Preparations to “Eject Nomads” from Sudan


The “Eid ceasefire” failed and the battles intensified … and dead bodies littered the streets of the “paralyzed” capital

Khartoum: Muhammad Amin Yassin – Washington: Ali Barada – London: Asharq Al-Awsad

Several countries began preparing to evacuate their nationals from Sudan after a cease-fire that was supposed to begin on the first day of the holiday failed as armed clashes continued between the army and the Rapid Support Forces. Heavy artillery shells were fired in the capital Khartoum yesterday.

Meanwhile, the White House announced that no decision had yet been made to evacuate its diplomatic mission, but Washington was moving US forces closer to help evacuate its nationals. The EU has also drawn up plans to expel its nationals, an official in the camp announced yesterday.

The Japanese Defense Ministry sent a “C-130” to Djibouti, explaining in a tweet that the “goal is to quickly make necessary preparations for the transfer of Japanese and other nationalities.”

A spokesman for the German Defense Ministry said the armed forces had begun preparations for a new attempt to evacuate German citizens from Sudan, after it abandoned another plan two days ago.

Sweden and Switzerland plan to evacuate their nationals from Sudan soon, and most of the country’s airports have been damaged during the fighting, especially the main Khartoum airport next to the military headquarters, where heavy fighting has taken place. It lasts for a week.

While both sides of the conflict welcomed the proposed cease-fire during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, Khartoum residents confirmed heavy fighting had taken place in various parts of the capital, leaving them paralyzed and dead bodies scattered on many of its streets. More than 400 people died and 3,500 were injured in these conflicts, according to the World Health Organization.

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In an official statement from the US State Department, Secretary Anthony Blinken called on Sudan to engage with the parties to the conflict and begin immediate negotiations with the participation of civilian parties on arrangements for a sustainable ceasefire to avoid further damage.
International efforts to expel foreigners from Sudan
Fighting escalated amid a third ceasefire violation
Washington is urging the leaders of the conflict in Sudan to abide by their pledges to end the fighting

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