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Introducing a new type of “polymer” dirham before Eid al-Fitr in the United Arab Emirates (photos)


The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates has announced the introduction of two new banknotes in denominations of five and ten dirhams.

The bank said the two new banknotes were made of “polymer” and had technical specifications and advanced security features.

The new offer is in the context of the third issue of the National Currency and the central bank’s interest in sustaining momentum over the next fifty years, especially in the financial and economic sectors, with a comprehensive revival and ambitious growth outlook. , After the success of the first offer of a 50-dirham rupee note (polymer), The Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.

It adopts the central bank’s sustainable approach and its commitment to improving sustainable growth through its efforts to improve environmental quality in the financial sector and its ability to recycle environmentally friendly “polymer” material. Longer shelf life and longer shelf life than banknotes made of cotton at twice the price or more.

The Fed continued the approach of the third edition by blending modern technologies with the beauty of design. The aesthetics of the design on these two sheets are indicated by the presence of a transparent window decorated with the image of the founder Sheikh Saeed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the logo of the visual media identity of the United Arab Emirates. Advanced geometric shapes, drawings and inscriptions are designed using intaglio printing techniques and fluorescent inks.

Technical characteristics of five dirhams

In designing the new five dirham banknote, the central bank was keen to preserve the technical properties of the color of the same denomination paper banknote currently in circulation for public identification.

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Images of many national and national symbols of the United Arab Emirates are also included in the design. Cultural and historical heritage of fathers and grandfathers. In the center of the reverse side of the banknote appears the image of “Tayya Fortress” in Ras Al Khaimah’s Emirate, the country’s unique cultural and heritage site.

Technical characteristics of ten dirhams

The new 10 dirham rupee note is green in color similar to the color of the rupee note currently in circulation. In the center of the front face appears the image of the Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque, an important religious, national and cultural landmark of the country, and occupies a special place in the world. In the center of the reverse of the rupee note is the image of the “Gorbachev Amphitheater”, one of the most important cultural monuments in the Emirates of Sharjah.

Security features

The central bank has worked to use the latest international standards and technologies in the two new banknotes and to enhance confidence in the national currency and dealers using technical specifications and high-quality transparent and covert security features in the banknote industry. To fight against counterfeiting. Both banknotes have a touch and key feature in Braille to help blind distributors identify the value of the banknote.

Provides dates

The 10 dirham polymer rupee note will go into circulation from Thursday 21st April 2022 and the new five dirham polymer rupee note will be issued on Tuesday 26th April 2022.

Two banknotes of the same denomination with new (polymer) banknotes will be in circulation as legal value-guaranteed banknotes.

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Khalid Mohammad Palama, Governor, Emirates Central Bank, said: Symbols and meanings that reflect the history of the United Arab Emirates and its immortal heritage, at the same time, reflect the future vision of the country’s development and prosperity.

He added: “Thanks to the wise guidance and firm support of our wise leadership, we look forward to further achievements and global leadership in the future. We at the Central Bank are committed. The UAE Dirham will become the international currency used globally.”

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