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Investigations are forcing Tesla to disable this entertainment feature in its cars


My driver can’tTeslaThe company enjoyed this feature after disabling it and disabled it while the car was running.

Tested by the U.S. National Traffic Safety Administration HighwaysThis week, Tesla introduced the toy feature in cars, following reports that it can cause distractions for drivers while driving.

Management investigated a complaint filed by a Tesla owner in November in which he said the owner could play while driving, but that distracted him.

And a spokesman for the British newspaper, Metro, said: Entertainment“.

Tesla updated the software for these games in December 2020 Games On the central touch screen while the car was running, it was only possible before accessing video games while the car was standing.

Serious deficiencies

On December 7, a U.S. regulator launched an investigation into Tesla, revealing that the company had failed to adequately inform its partners and citizens about a fire hazard related to system vulnerabilities. Solar panels Produced that.

The investigation puts regulatory pressure on the world’s most valuable automaker, which is already subject to a federal safety investigation into accidents involving faulty driving assistance systems in its cars.

There have been reports of fire concerns over faults in Tesla’s solar zones, but this is the first report of an inquiry by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The commission explained that the inquiry came in response to a request from Stephen Hinges, a former Tesla CEO, who complained about deficiencies in solar power systems in 2019 when he worked for the company.

Hinges, who previously served as director of qualityToyota, Tesla filed a lawsuit against the company and company in August 2020, alleging that the layoffs were in retaliation for raising safety concerns about solar power systems.

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In his complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Hinges said Tesla and Solarcity, which were acquired by Tesla in 2016, “did not disclose the potential liability for causing property damage, user risk, fire and other damages (of their products).” Partners ”before and after the acquisition.

Tesla has complained that it failed to inform its customers that malfunctions in electrical conductors could lead to fires.

Tesla has told consumers to maintain a shutdown system to avoid a malfunction in the solar panel system.

However, Hinx said it did not warn of fire hazards, provide temporary closures to reduce the risks or report problems to regulators.

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