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iOS 17 adds new ringtones to iPhones, the first in ten years


Apple has been using the same ringtones on iPhones for over a decade, finally making them instantly recognizable. However, this may soon change with the introduction of new ringtones in iOS 17.

Last Tuesday, during the launch of the new iPhone 15, Apple also mentioned the launch of the new version of its operating system, iOS 17. Even though it has received several beta versions since it was presented at the WWDC conference earlier this year, the update still brings us a few surprises.

In fact, 9to5Mac made a surprising discovery about an iOS 17 release candidate that could be the final release. Searching the settings, he noticed that Apple had added at least 20 new ringtones for compatible iPhones with the update.

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iPhones are finally getting new ringtones

The last time Apple released any kind of new ringtone, the iPhone launched, with a unique ringtone called “Reflections.” However, it was exclusive to this model.

Before that, the last ringtones added by Apple was in 2013 with the launch of iOS 7 platform. After that, the company added ringtones like “Sencha,” “By The Seaside,” etc. “Radar.”

According to 9to5Mac, in addition to the new ringtones in iOS 17, Apple has “slightly tweaked some old sounds.” It has been moved to a new “Classic” section in the iPhone Settings, Ringtone and Sound Settings menu.

The new ringtones have the advantage of providing sharper haptic feedback than the previous ringtones. Some sounds have a more sustained sound, without noticeable pauses in the repetition. This is good news for iPhone users, who are finally enjoying new sounds. It remains to be seen if Apple will take another 10 years to add new ringtones in the future.

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