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Fox Movies Channel Frequency Nilesat 2023 Live



Fox Movies is considered as one of the most important television channels specializing in showing foreign horror and action movies.

The channel offers popular and new films across a wide variety of genres, including award-winning films and classics. If you are a fan of cinema, you will definitely find exciting and exciting content on Fox Movies.

What you may not know about Fox Movies Channel is that it broadcasts from the United Arab Emirates, specifically from its official headquarters in “Abu Dhabi”. The channel went on air for the first time on February 8, 2007 and quickly became one. Channels available on most Middle East receivers and broadcast free and in high quality HD via Nilesat.

This channel is jointly managed by “Rotana” Group and “Fox” International Network and is currently classified as one of the most important channels offering unparalleled action and exciting content. It is popular because of its exclusive content and its tracking. Everything new and exclusive.

The new frequency of “Fox Movies” channel available via Nilesat can be received with following frequency (11678 or 11679) with code rate of 27500.

Fox Movies channel frequency is Nilesat 2023

11677/vertical/27500 SD East Collection

Channel frequency is 11678 vertical

Code rate 27500 – Nilesat

Frequency of action and horror movie channels on Nilesat 2023


MBC action

11470/Rassi/27500 East Suite

11559/vertical/27500 Western Collection


11277/vertical/27500 public collection


11559/vertical/27500 Western Collection

Dubai is one

12418/H/30000 HD General Collection

11096/vertical/27500 SD General Collection

Kuwait TV 2

11054/vertical/27500 HD General Collection

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Mix it up

11785/vertical/27500 SD General Collection

Fox Movies

11677/vertical/27500 SD East Collection

Petty Movie

12562/vertical/27500 SD East Collection

Mino Travel Channel works on HD technology

11641/horizontal/27500 public collection

Some channels airing action and horror films at night

Saladin Channel

11677/vertical/27500 SD East Collection


11095/H/27500 SD General Collection

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Lepta TV

11564/H/27500 HD General Collection

Al-Nahar Al-Jadeed channel operates in HD technology

11555/Rassi/27500 East Suite

Capital and People Channel works on HD technology

11641/horizontal/27500 public collection

Hello London

12322/vertical/30000 HD Public Collection

Abu Dhabi TV

11411/H/30000 HD General Collection

Dubai TV

12418/H/30000 HD General Collection

11096/vertical/27500 SD General Collection

Libya WTV Al Wasat Channel

11095/H/27500 HD General Collection

10815/H/27500 SD General Collection

Al-Shorooq TV channel works in HD technology

Al Bahia Channel works with SD technology

10921/vertical/27500 General Collection

Dawn drama

12647/H/27500 SD General Collection


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