February 4, 2023

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She and the Legend of the Ten Rings “tops the box office in North America

The new action-adventure film (Shang-Shi and Legend of the Ten Rings) “Shang-Shi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” topped the box office in North America with $ 71.4 million.

The film stars Simo Liu, Aquafina, Fala Chen and Tony Long, and is directed by Testin Crayton.

The horror movie (Candy Man) “Candy Man” fell from first place to second place, recording $ 10.6 million.

The film stars Yahya Abdel-Madin, Tina Paris, Nathan Stewart Jared and Vanessa Williams, directed by Nia Dacosta.

The comedy thriller “Free Guy” dropped from second to third place this week with $ 8.8 million in revenue.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Jodi Comer, Joe Kerry and Taika Waiditi, directed by Sean Levy.

The animated film “Flower Patrol: The Movie” earned four million dollars and dropped from third to fourth place.

The adventure film “Jungle Cruise” grossed $ 3.9 million and dropped from fourth to fifth place.

The film stars Twain Johnson, Edgar Ramirez, Jesse Flemens and Jack Whitehall, and is directed by Jamie Colette Serra.


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