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Iranian President: US power is declining..we do not believe it


(CNN) – Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi on Friday said US sanctions on his country had “failed to block Iran’s path to victory and progress” and “needed to intensify efforts to neutralize”. Impact of sanctions, “said the IRNA news agency.

At a meeting in Tehran, Raisi said: “When the Americans officially declare their defeat in the maximum pressure campaign against Iran, it means that the revolution is on the path to victory and progress.”

The Iranian president added: “On the one hand I wonder why the Americans are sending a message that they are ready to reach an agreement, but on the other hand they are imposing sanctions.”

“America’s power is declining.” “We do not trust the United States.

The Iranian president’s comments come after the United States imposed a ban on the network of Iranian petrochemical manufacturers and companies in China and the United Arab Emirates on Thursday.

The move comes amid hopes of a return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

“The United States imposes sanctions on the network of Iranian petrochemical manufacturers and the People’s Republic of Iran, the United Arab Emirates and shell companies in Iran, which support Trillion Petrochemical Co. Ltd. and Iran’s Commercial Petrochemical Company,” said Secretary of State Anthony. Blinken said in a statement that a copy was obtained by CNN. The two companies are the main ones behind the sale of Iranian petrochemicals abroad, “the statement said.

The US Secretary of State continued, “The network supports remittances, avoids sanctions and sells Iranian petrochemicals to customers in Asia.”

In a statement, Flinken said, “The Biden administration is loyal and determined to pursue meaningful diplomatic paths toward a joint nuclear deal with Iran, but in the absence of the agreement, we will continue to use our sanctions to restrict exports of oil, petroleum and petrochemicals from Iran.” , According to the report.

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