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Iraq election crisis … Armed factions’ plan confuses the scene


This ad is approaching Election Commission Final results after settling the appeal file submitted to certain stations.

The well-known political source for “Sky News Arabia” is that a movement led by (the Integrated Framework) was launched in discussions and consultations with the aim of finding an appropriate formula to break out of current electoral differences. Parliamentary seats to form the government for other constituencies during the negotiations and to determine the ministries according to the number of votes.

The source, who declined to be named, said, “The new plan to control the current crisis is coming, but it is expected to annoy other constituencies because it would rob them of their right to form a government, especially in places and their numbers.”

Theory of sounds and seats

Preliminary results of last month’s election Iraq There has been widespread opposition from forces representing armed militants and their supporters have been protesting in central Baghdad for about two weeks.

And entered a crisis results Iraq election Its final stages after the judicial authorities in the country begin to decide on the appeals filed within the specified 10 days.

On Wednesday, the Judiciary of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq began considering appeals against the results of the October 10 parliamentary elections.

In turn, Bashir al-Darraji, a member of the Coordinating Framework, said, “The theory of votes and seats is currently in circulation based on the fact that the total number of votes in the Shiite Coordinating Framework is about two million votes. The seats created by those votes for each political party.

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Al-Daraji added in a televised statement: “If a compromise can be reached on the distribution of the weight of the next government by the number of seats, a specific deal is possible.”

The armed factions rejected the will of the political opposition and wanted to participate in the next government, which prompted them to promote a political consensus government. Leader of the Chhattisgarh movement Muqtada al-Sadr To the political majority government.

The motive behind participation in government is the power, influence and dominance that this reserve provides, as well as the political cover-up for the implementation of dubious activities or economic agreements and so on.

Conspiracy against the law

And dominate Armed factions in Iraq Infiltration of border crossings, docks and ports, as well as government agencies, extortion, sale of jobs, control of appointments, trade, sale of smuggled goods and making money through oil smuggling.

In turn, Ali al-Bather, an expert on Iraqi affairs, noted that “these tactics are one of the plans to overthrow the legitimacy and will of the Iraqis because the new electoral law has created a social and component balance, and ensured the existence of different religious or ethnic identities in the next parliament.” Relied on the spearhead of leadership. “

Al-Pather said in a statement to Sky News Arabia, “The new plan does not see the light of day, and it’s like a political joke.

Al-Bather warned against pursuing this path “because we will witness its dangerous repercussions, the broad popular, political and judicial reaction, and it may be a superficial maneuver by the armed forces.”

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The al-Fateh coalition (political umbrella of mobilization) won only 16 of the 48 seats it won during the 2018 election.

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