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These quick tricks make using Windows 11 better and easier

These quick tricks make using Windows 11 better and easier

Microsoft has been releasing Windows 11 for over a month, and the system has reached millions of devices worldwide.

Even if Windows 11 comes out better on your device than Windows 10, you can use some tricks to make Windows 11 better and easier.
Don’t worry, these tricks will not take you long to master and you can start using them in your day.

Disable passwords in Windows 11

Windows supports logging in instead of long and large passwords.
Support for these methods began with the development of Windows Hello technology, which allows you to sign in with your biometric data.

This means you need to sign in to your Windows account and open the device with your fingerprint or face.
This feature can only be used to sign in to Windows and prevent signing in with passwords.
You can do this by going to the Windows Settings menu, then Accounts and Login Options.
Then enable the option to sign in via Hello Options without a password to improve security.

Using your phone with your computer

With the Phone Companion app installed in Windows 11, you can make full use of your mobile without having to pick it up.
This means you can read and respond to messages and open mobile applications directly through Windows.
You can easily answer and make calls through the computer, and you can activate this feature by connecting your mobile with the phone accessory app.
As a result, you can only connect your mobile to your computer via a Bluetooth connection, but your phone must be Android.

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Enable the interactive lock feature in Windows 11

Windows 11 is configured with a new feature that allows you to turn it off automatically when you leave your computer.

But you need to connect your phone with Windows Phone Companion apps and go to account settings.
Then go to the login options and then enable the interactive lock option.

Use automatic playback from the Bing search engine

You can install the Automatic Wallpaper app from the Bing search engine and use it to automatically change your computer wallpaper.
Also this application automatically changes the daily wallpaper to suit different occasions.
But you need to make Bing your main search engine, as well as Edge your main browser.