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Is Apple creating a search engine to compete with Google?


Apple excels in both software and hardware and hardware development. However, the American giant still had to rely Google for web searches.

There is nothing stopping Apple from building its own search engine, especially the more than a billion “iPhone” phones currently working around the world, with millions of “iPod” tablets. And MacBook computers. Therefore, the company will be able to reach a greater number of users as soon as any new service is launched.

In 2020, Apple began to show its search results when using the search engine on the home screen of iPhone phones, in a transparent attempt to use its technologies in this field.

Apple Search Engine

The search feature is one of the most important features that any web user needs. Google is a leading company in providing search services.

Google search engine

Google pays Apple $ 8 to $ 12 billion a year. Search engine It is the main search engine on iPhones.

However, the “hopeless” lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice strongly threatens this collaboration, with “Google” monopolizing search services on “iPhone” phones in this way.

Some people are wondering if Apple really wants to cancel this deal away from Google. There is no doubt that it is making a lot of money from Google under this deal, but it continues to depend on its competitor.

On the one hand, creating a new search engine may prevent Apple from collaborating with Google. On the other hand, this technology is needed to train Apple Sree, not to mention the billions of profits the company can make when providing an advertising service through search engine results.

Search engine "Google"

Google search engine

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While it’s hard for both companies to get away from each other when it comes to online search, it’s not uncommon for Apple to develop new technology from scratch. Perhaps the best example of this is when Intel dropped its own M processors in exchange for making them available on the MacBook.

The company has more than $ 200 billion in funding, so it can fund any research or development. However, building a new search engine requires a lot of time and effort. It is noteworthy that “Google” employs more than 114,000 people, a large part of whom work in the development of the search engine.

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