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Wael Al-Qadiri: The UAE gave justice to the Arab creator and gave him opportunities


The Syrian author, Wael Al-Qadiri, affirms that his primary motivation for writing is to convey everything that destroys him about human pain or inner joy, and he says: Sometimes I write about hope; The fragile faith, the absurdity of what was happening, the theater of the absurd as I watched it from my bedroom window.

In his interview with Al-Bayan, Al-Qadri points out the UAE’s financial and moral support for Arab creators: The UAE has done justice to the Arab creator and given him many opportunities, including fair competitions. Publication and translation opportunities, and high-profile cultural festivals.

Scenery and story

He says of al-Qadri’s beginning: The beginning was contemplative, contemplating everything that led to wonder, whether a scene or an oral story. These reflections began in childhood, with an interest in adult narratives and connecting narrative with cinematic imagination. I can turn any conversation into a scene in my imagination. The scene doesn’t have to correspond exactly to the real story. The important thing is to imagine it as I want to see it, with all the details that beauty dictates to me. . As I grew up and began my experience in literature, I was filled with a memory that stored many stories, scenes and feelings. Sometimes it came out as poetic images with or without music, sometimes as thoughts, but when she produced a short story, that was what satisfied me.

Visual delight

Al-Qadiri adds about writing the story: Often the story I write emerges from a scene, through which I try to convey an idea that occupies me. I want readers to share this written cinema with me, share this visual experience with me, and finally reach the desired idea after penetrating the story and merging into its worlds. He continues: What drives me most to write is my need for it, my urgent need to convey all the human pain or inner joy that an idea can generate. I confess that for thirteen years I could only write by looking out the window overlooking the war. I write about the absurdity of what is happening, about the stupidity of history, about the theater of the absurd as I watch it from my bedroom window, about the art in the middle of it all, about the creative intuition. I write about memory, sometimes hope, in the souls of ordinary people, in danger of extinction; Bad faith. Regarding the reality of writing stories and poems in the Arab world, al-Qadri says: As for poetry, it will be as long as the Arabs live. It is the only art that has given us literary civilization, this elaborate linguistic wonder of music, image and idea. I passionately follow all that is happening in the Arabic poetry scene and especially Syrian poetry. Poetry is good, poetry is still charming, story, especially Syrian story, names of young writers have topped literary awards. For example, Sharjah Prize has won first place among young people in the last four years. Syrians. The Syrian story is good, and it’s at its best right now.

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