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Ismail falls for second time in league and accepts new management of Komi Dervish .. Video



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Ismail Club lost 2-1 to Ceramica Cleopatra in the Egyptian Premier League on Sunday at Green Mountain Ground in Cairo.

Ismaili defender Essam Sophie scored for Ceramica in the 16th minute, Shadi Hussain in the 73rd minute and Ismaili Shilongo scored the only goal in the 29th minute.

With this win, Ceramica is in fifth place with 4 points Ismail is in the final stages No points.

Yahya El-Ghoumi, the leader of Ismaili

In another context, in Sunday’s election today, engineer Yahya El-Ghoumi won the post of president of the Ismaili Club in a 4-year cycle.

Khalid Jain won the post of vice-president of the club and Hadem Hekasi in the secretariat of finance, with members Osama Abu al-Ela, Khalid al-Tayeb, Adef Saeed, Walid Shuaib and Nancy al-Qadi. Decided to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Junior Club.

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