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Astronomer Maya Haseem reveals predictions on Monday in numerical tracks



Forecast for Monday, November 1, 2021, by number tracks:
Expectations based on numbers:
On Monday, it moves on its way to No.8. Number eight ((8)) With this number, the material reality of four enters a new reality through eight. Power, personal factors and vibrations are here. Strength, managerial and professional skills and money .. That is why many civilizations were lucky.

Number (1): Monday is considered lucky because your numbers are so compatible with money, work and personal matters that you can start a postponed or important thing.

Number (2): Circumstances are better on both sides, especially in emotional aspects, where you can meet someone who has attracted you and is interested in you. You will get good news about money and property .. Luck plays a role in the details. Your day .. Your charisma is remarkable and you act with a paradoxical but pure purpose.

Number (3): Monday will carry difficulties and some fatigue, whether it is healthy or emotional .. You will stubbornly hate everyone for challenging and provoking. Notice, you may be misunderstood .. Encourage yourself with positive thoughts. Be a flexible diplomat

Number (4): Monday a week ago is one of the best days if it is a psychologically comforting and emotional life .. and you are lucky in every way .. The partner proves loyalty to you and if you have you will have something new. Alone .. You seem to inspire others and your wisdom is evident in your actions and deeds .. Your charisma is strong and she acts with purity of spirit and love, honesty and sincerity.

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Number (5): On Monday, except for the financial opportunities, the opportunities seem very low and they will be good .. but you have to focus on health and vague things. Explore the facts and try to know everything. Beware of ambiguity as well. Be careful as the effects of certain numbers may go unnoticed by you.

Number (6): On Monday, your affairs will be better, especially profit and cash flow..your intuition will be high and precise. Try to be neutral in other people’s and social and emotional life..your attraction is high, your smile is clear, you act spontaneously and spontaneously, don’t worry about anything ..

Number (7): It is clear that you both have financial and emotional opportunities, and you are very positive and diplomatic. Anyway. And dear ..

Number (8): You will be very lucky financially and materially on Monday .. Also in matters of interest and marriage partnership .. You can start your day with everything you have postponed .. Good news will come to you and the steps will be secured. , And from the beginning of the morning you feel confident..the energy of numbers is better, so ease your urgency Your charm is charming and you will act freely and openly.

Number (9): The luck of your two partners in matters of profit and money .. Even if you want to do an important job, you can set up something next time and with confidence .. A day suitable for travel and social life, and your intuition is there and your intelligence is sharp..your Destiny plays its part in emotional matters .. Your glamor is undeniable and behave rudely.

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* To extract your track number: All you have to do is collect all the numbers of your date of birth: Example:
Adding all the numbers with a calculator:
8 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 + 1 In addition, the result is 38
Go back and collect 38 like this
8 + 3 Output11
Then 11 is the result of a combination of 1 + 1 and 2, which is the birth number of this person.

Monday’s lucky ones:
+ Owners of No. 8
+ Eighth zodiac sign Scorpio
+ Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and Pluto is ruled by ..
+ Born on Sunday.
+ Whose path is derived from number 8 and from the order of the number pyramid, these numbers with their date of birth:
– 8 – 17 – 26 – 6 – 9 – 10 18 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 7 – 26 –
* Suitable for Monday, silver color.
Number 8 is about eight: this is the path of Monday: in general, there is a basic cycle of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and one gives an idea of ​​individuality and freedom .. * Two polarization and equilibrium. . * Three is creation and formation from the spiritual state. Six, seven and eight. In physics, when the number of electrons in the last orbit is 8, we say that the element is whole and root – and number 8 is a monetary number and many researches have proven that money and financial gains attract wealth and are linked to men and death. It is associated with the Sun and Venus and the planets Uranus and Pluto
* The number (8) for Monday’s orbit is mainly associated with the two planets Sun, Venus and Uranus and Pluto.

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And the number pyramid for Monday:.
5 3
12 23
1 11 23
111 2021

The big number Monday (2722) confirms the financial fortune of being 8 by reducing it to 4.

People born on Monday, November 1:
This newborn baby is waiting for great material fortune and the thing of life because he is distinguished by a strong personality and heavy presence, he was inspired by psychoanalytic and metaphysical things .. He is characterized by a strong, ambitious and courageous personality. , With big goals.

* People born on Monday, November 1 are eligible for the following characters:
(C – a – e – b – d – g – f – k – l – r – m – n)

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