March 20, 2023

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Israeli President visits Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Israeli President visits Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

Yesterday, the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with a delegation including his wife, First Lady Michael Herzog and the country’s Ambassador to Israel Amir Hayek, Mohammed al-Ghaza. Israel’s ambassador to the country, and several senior officials in Israel during his official visit to the country.
His Excellency and his entourage accompanied by Dr. Youssef Al-Obaitli, Director General of the Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Center, toured the mosque’s halls and outer corridors, where they introduced the mosque’s call for coexistence and tolerance. An open mind to the other, from the exploits and values ​​of the founding father, emerges through one of the cultural experts at the center. The Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Center has played a major role in introducing a more tolerant Islamic culture and promoting civilization. Communication between different cultures and peoples around the world.
They also learned about the history of the construction of the large building, the aesthetics of the mosque and the wonderful arts of Islamic architecture that are clearly visible in all its corners, the unique collections in it and the most magnificent works of Islamic civilization. The harmony and harmony of cultures in a creative work of art and engineering designs that met their diversity and diversity in the design of the mosque to reflect the beauty of the mosque. At the end of the trip, a copy of the book “Space of Light”, one of the publications of the Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Center, was presented to the President of the State of Israel, which contains several photographs and photographs. The “Space of Light” award for photography, organized by the Center from time to time, presented him with a copy of the book “House of God”, which deals with the aesthetics of Islamic architecture in the mosque and the history of mosques in the Islamic language. History including the Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque.

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