January 30, 2023

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Issam Karika: I went to Ramesh Jalal show 3 times, I know it was a prank (video) | News

Artist Isam Karika confirmed that any artist who falls victim to a naughty show knows naughty from the beginning.

This happened when he was a guest on the show “She and the People” on the Al-Hadat Al-Yum channel.

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Isam Karika said: Rames Jalal was my friend and entertained me 3 times and if he treats me again, I will play naughty as usual.

He further said that since Shah Rukh Khan was a guest on the show Rameez Jalal, he may have unknowingly misbehaved and fallen into the pit and been subjected to many difficult things.

And he continued: Actually Rames Jalal did not tell us himself, but the crew warns us, whoever calls to tell us the date of the show says it was a prank, and no one went. A program from these pranks but I know, who wants to attack me, I accept.


He ended his speech: All the pranks you fell into were beautiful until you showed signs like fear and anxiety.

Isam Karika, on the other hand, expressed his opinion on Maharaganat songs and said that he listens to these types of songs but opposes some words.

Issam Karika said: It’s a cake he eats 4 or 5, now 250 people are gone, Al-Shutter is trying to think, maybe people like it in a new way of being dirty.

And he said of his opinion of Vix: he has an audience, and he takes a lot of festivals.

Essam Karika supported artist Honey Secker’s decision against festival singers: Honey Sehgar did not stop, he said, adding that there are many who work, “Come, legalize your conditions, and there are winners.”

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