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It achieves an 80% recovery rate…a wonderful cure for a devastating disease


Abdul Jarragh Amiri, Managing Director of Irada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation in Dubai, revealed the advanced treatment programs implemented by the center, including affordable medical drugs available to patients due to the support given to the center by the Government of Dubai. , which contributed to the achievement of outstanding indicators, 40% of the center’s members completing the recovery journey, and up to 80% of patients with opioid drugs such as heroin after using the most effective drug.

In detail, Amiri told “Emirates Today” that another important indicator is the use of a type of advanced treatment called “Bovidal”, based on an experiment the center implemented about a year and a half ago. The injection has proven to be incredibly effective in treating patients who abuse opiate drugs such as heroin.

The inmate spends 21 days at the center, then receives his first dose of Puvidal, along with complementary medications to treat depression and anxiety, and weekly doses for six months, followed by monthly doses.

It is an expensive drug, but in light of the government’s full support to the center to ensure it offers better treatment opportunities, he pointed out that the center’s recovery rate for users of the drug has reached 80%. .

One of the patients who received this drug graduated after completing his recovery journey and went abroad with his family, but he explained that he would return weekly to receive injections and consult with a specialist. In studies, the patient receives this drug for a period varying from two to four years.

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He said the therapy was originally developed to treat depression and anxiety, but was later discovered to help drug addicts. He pointed out that a brain scan was conducted that showed areas affected by these symptoms, and after 20 sessions, a breakthrough. Improvement occurs, and the patient feels like a different person.

Amiri said there are false beliefs that negatively affect the life and future of a drug-addicted patient, such as that his fate often leads to death or imprisonment, which is not true and causes frustration and despair for the patient and his family. .

Every now and then we celebrate the patient’s journey of success and his ability to recover, a chronic disease whose sufferer suffers multiple and continuous setbacks, but with will and persistence, he recovers from the symptoms. And he continues his life and many of them also achieve great success in their life.

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