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It aims to cover 2,000 citizens.


The “Nafes” program has announced registration for the second batch of the “Medical and Health Sector Workforce Development” program, which aims to attract 2,000 citizens and achieve 10,000 job opportunities for citizens in various medical specialties in the current year. 2026.

Targeted at high school diploma holders, the program provides stipends and monthly bonuses in addition to job opportunities after graduation and fulfillment of eligibility criteria as part of efforts aimed at providing employment opportunities to national talent in priority sectors including health. The department, in its first batch, last year, had 1417 students.

The program offers two academic tracks for undergraduate majors in a variety of fields including nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, clinical laboratory science, medical imaging, physiotherapy, emergency medicine and anesthesia technology. programs, and offers diplomas for a variety of specialty occupations, including Assistant Healthcare, Nurse Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Laboratory Technician, X-ray Technician, Physiotherapy Technician, Dental Assistant, and Diploma in Emergency Medical Services.

The program is available at the Universities of Sharjah and Ajman, Gulf Medical University and Ras Al Khaimah University of Medicine and Health Sciences, as well as the Higher Colleges of Technology, Fatima College of Health Sciences and Fujairah University. This program can be done through “Nafes” website or by choosing the required educational institution. By clicking on the link in the “Bio” account, “Nafes” on social media platforms and the deadline to register for the program is in the middle. – August.

Admission to the program is subject to conditions and requirements set by the relevant educational institutions, such as age, passing tests and interviews, and registering after graduation from the program to work in a medical institution in the country.

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Aisha Belharfia, Acting Under-Secretary for Human Resources and Immigration Affairs and Assistant Under-Secretary for Labor Affairs at the Ministry of Emiratisation, pointed out that the health sector is “one of the key priority sectors identified by the UAE within the framework of its Wise Leadership Guidelines”. , contribute to strengthening the UAE’s position as a global center for medical tourism and leading medical services, due to the sector’s close association in consolidating a healthy society.

He called upon graduates and job seekers to invest in the opportunities offered by the program to male and female citizens who wish to work in various health sectors, while praising the efforts of the program’s partners in academic institutions.

For his part, the Secretary General of the UAE Cadres Competitiveness Council, Khannam Al Mazrouei, said, “This initiative has enabled us to provide the national workforce with the necessary academic training to join private sector facilities working in the health sector. One of the sectors is the directives of our wise leadership in advancing the health sector.” Strengthening the presence of national forces that are the core and precursor of the state, and active in it.

He added: “The Medical and Health Sector Manpower Development Programme, through partnership between “Nafes” and partner educational institutions, offers training programs tailored to the best international standards, aimed at upskilling program enrollees. They and their skills can be developed and engaged in specialized work in various health care sectors, and providing 100% salary stipend, monthly financial benefits and job opportunities after graduation, which contributes to providing more merit and talent to the private health sector. Citizens.

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