May 19, 2022

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It exceeded several millions .. The price of what Yasmin Sabri wore at last glance

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Egyptian actress Yasmin Sabri, who attended a conference celebrating the success of Arab women in London, has unveiled her new look and topped the Twitter trend.

During the event, Yasmin Sabri was appointed ambassador for the Arab Women’s Organization, until the artist commented on the photos she posted on her Instagram account: “I am proud to have met her Royal Highness from Wessex and Lord Pervis from Tweet. According to al-Masri al-Yum, Arab Women’s successes.

This and the appearance of “Yasmin” received widespread acclaim because her dress attracted the attention of the public, designed by Alberta Verdi, and cost $ 2370, or about 44,000 Egyptian pounds.

Yasmin wore a bag from the international brand “Dior”, while her jewelry was from the popular brand “Cartier”.

“Yasmin” wore white gold, 18 carat, 18 diamond studded, and 314 cleverly cut diamonds, totaling 17.56 carats, valued at approximately $ 267,000, equivalent to approximately 5 million Egyptian pounds.

She also wore a one-carat diamond, the “Reflection de Cartier” model, large model, in white gold, studded with 19 brilliantly cut diamonds, a total of 1.64 carats, and 10 other diamonds, a total of 2.25 carats, which reached $ 71. One thousand, two million and 300 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Thus, the total value of the appearance of the artist Yasmin Sabri during the Arab Women’s Achievement Conference in London was 6 million and 344 thousand Egyptian pounds.

And Yasmin Sabri recently posted a picture of herself wearing a hijab and a kaaba behind her, commenting on the picture: “God, I ask you for my love and your love for me … and your beauty … and I ask you for the best morals.”

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