June 5, 2023

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“It is forbidden to follow Nasih.” Al-Sadr calls for dialogue to end controversy over Prophet Muhammad’s companions.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Muqtada al-Sadr, the head of Iraq’s Shiite Sadrist movement, has called for a dialogue aimed at ending the dispute over the Prophet Muhammad’s companions, insisting that Sunni and Shiite factions are united. citing the position of “Nawazib” (those opposed to Ali bin Abi Talib are called Sunnis, according to some Shiite groups) regarding the infallibility of the Companions.

This came in a statement posted by al-Sadr on his Twitter page: “Our fathers taught us that if we disagree with another faction and recognize its flaws – so to speak – this does not mean freedom. To scorn, insult, and scoff at their sect or those who have followed them throughout history, the masters of the Nasibis were the Umayyads and the Kharigids, and if they insulted their infallible guardian, their ethics and to this day we do not meet them. ..they do not represent the moderates among the Sunnis.

And he added: “Our morals are high and lofty, and our decency forbids us to follow them and it is forbidden to follow the nazis, and from here laws are enacted to arrest insulters and scoffers, and no more. Objection to that .. But the door must not be thrown wide open, because constructive historical criticism , whether it be harsh, or whether the facts are stated. And opinions, even if they do not suit the mind of some, such things should proceed without insults, insults and obscene words.

And he continued: “I see it as an urgent interest to start a serious and purposeful dialogue and with a series of sessions to end the controversy regarding the Companions. The foundations of Muhammad and its blessed Sunnah and so on slipped away or al-Janim (Taha al-Tulaimi) the grandson of Yazid al-Umayyad Messenger.” Clarified about permission to kill.

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