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The high death toll in US strikes on Syria and Biden confirms that Washington is not seeking a “confrontation with Iran”.


The day after the US military launched airstrikes in Syria, the result Killed pro-Iran militiasOn Friday, US President Joe Biden confirmed in Ottawa that “the United States does not seek conflict with Iran”.

During a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Biden said, “Make no mistake, the United States is not seeking conflict with Iran, but is prepared to use force to protect its people.”

It is noteworthy that at least 19 pro-Iranian fighters were killed in US airstrikes in eastern Syria on Thursday-Friday night, which also targeted a US military base in the region and killed an American contractor.

The border area is an important route for the transfer of weapons and fighters to Iraqi forces and Lebanese Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian groups. It is also used to transport all kinds of goods between Iraq and Syria. It is often targeted by raids, many of which are claimed by the coalition, and some attributed to Israel.

The US announcement of the strikes came as Biden traveled to Canada, where he met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and addressed parliament.

Washington is leading the international coalition against the “Islamic State” organization. About 900 U.S. soldiers are stationed as part of coalition forces in areas controlled by Kurdish fighters, and are based at several bases in Hasakah (northeast), Raqqa (north) and Deir ez-Zor (east) provinces.

Washington is the main supporter of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and its backbone is the Kurdish factions, which have waged wars on multiple fronts against the “Islamic State” organization and declared defeat from its last stronghold in March 2019.

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Bases of coalition and US forces are regularly targeted by drones and missiles, behind which at one time stand groups loyal to Tehran, at another by cells affiliated with the “Islamic State” organization.

The US has previously targeted websites belonging to pro-Tehran groups. Last August, Biden ordered similar retaliatory strikes in Deir ez-Zor governorate after several drones targeted a coalition forces base without causing any casualties.

The attack occurred on the same day that Iranian state media reported the death of a general in the Revolutionary Guards “during a mission as a military adviser in Syria.”

In recent years, the Guard has lost many of its personnel to the wars against “terror” in Syria and Iraq, where Iran has asserted its field presence in an “advisory” role.

Iran is a major supporter of Damascus. Since the conflict began in 2011, it has provided political, economic and military support. In 2011, it took the initiative to open a line of credit to supply Syria’s oil needs, before sending military advisers and fighters to support the Syrian army in its battles. They contributed to raising the bar in favor of government forces on several fronts.

Since 2011, Syria has witnessed a bloody conflict with multiple sides that has resulted in the deaths of more than half a million people, massive destruction of infrastructure, and the displacement of more than half of the population in and out of the country.

France 24/AFP

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