February 7, 2023

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It weighs 3 kg .. Samira Saeed reveals scenes with “Rasta” hair in “Yalla Rouh” | News

Singer Samira Saeed has wowed audiences with her chosen look to appear in the promo of her upcoming song “Yalla Ruh”, especially with the haircut she chose as “Rasta”.

Samira Saeed revealed these weird looking scenes and said during a phone call from journalist Sophie Audrey on MBCT Trending: I carried 3kg over my brain.

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When asked how long Rasta worked, he replied: “I sat in a chair for 4 hours and I walk every few minutes because my leg was tired from sitting, but when I saw the result, the title was worth it and the team put in a lot of effort.

He also commented on the details of the song, which is expected to be released at 5 pm Moroccan time: , And its rhythm is divided, and it is a favorite rhythm in Egypt and the entire Arab world.

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He added, “This is my first time collaborating with a Moroccan youth group on a song, and I liked the idea of ​​the whole group creating the song.”

Sameera Side recently released the sixth song of her new album “Robot”, “Ma Stretch”.

“Maa Restihesh” was written by Muhammad al-Qaeda, composed by Muhammad Hamza, distributed by Muhammad Mustafa and directed by Nidal Hani.

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