June 1, 2023

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It will be difficult to change Everton’s exit path

Everton manager Frank Lampard has said it would be difficult to change the club’s exit path overnight and that his team would not consider being eliminated from the Premier League.

Everton have been top of the club for more years than any other club in the UK. .

“I came to a club that was on an exit route and we’ve been heading towards the exit zone for a long time,” Lampard told reporters Wednesday. These things do not change overnight, they do not change with speech. This is how you deal with the situation in front of you. The first thing is the practical aspect, training and focus. If you think about that fall, I think you increase the chance that it will happen.

He added: This is not the time to lie, we know where we are. This is about what we can handle. We deal with these remaining matches.

Lampard said striker Dominic Calvert-Levine, who missed most of the season due to injury, could be available after missing the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday due to ill health.

He continued, “Dominic had light training. Let’s see how he looks on Wednesday afternoon. It was frustrating for him because he was a great player and he was a great player. He wants to play and he wants to get back to where he was in the last two seasons.

Everton, who are 17th in the table, have three games left compared to Watford, who are ahead of Leeds United and Brentford in the table. On Thursday, it hosts United in Newcastle, where they have lost once in the league since the start of the new year.

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