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Italy .. Ramadan sighs relief after “corona” decline


Estimated as number Italian Muslims Two million and six lakhs, two million and eight lakhs, and immigrants from 60 or more countries, including about one million and 300 thousand. Italian nationality.

Muslims have been stopped In Italy In the northern cities, especially in the industrial areas, there are 100,000 Muslims in the capital, Rome.

In the capital, Rome, there is a large mosque, the largest in Italy, covering more than 30,000 square meters, and a cultural center.

Commenting on the lives of Muslims in Italy, Sheikh Hamza Picardo said that their community is “very different, people from more than 60 countries, but their rituals during Ramadan are not different from some of them or from other Muslims in the world.”

And about Ramadan After the crisis subsided CoronaPicardo told Sky News Arabia: “We spent Ramadan completely closed in 2020, so one could not even go to the mosque. In 2021 we were able to go, but with the distance, we thank God. People are overflowing, which is in light of the necessary security measures.

According to Picardo, one of the positive aspects of Ramadan is that “the life of a Muslim family changes, it often meets, not everyone eats alone, but everyone breaks the fast, gathers family and friends, and renews communication between Muslims.”

Ramadan in Italy is usually witnessed by sessions Group breakfast In the squares and streets, the testimony of Turin is very popular, the largest of which is described as Iftar and was made by agreement between the city’s mosques. Islamic AssociationsAnd accommodated hundreds of people, including street passers-by.

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In turn someone from the Islamic community spoke MilanOmar Abdel Aziz described Sky News Arabia’s Ramadan atmosphere in Italy: “Muslims spend the month of Ramadan as usual at work, and in the evening we pray in the mosque and share prayers and spiritual prayers.

In Italy, Abdel Aziz pointed out that “there is no appearance on the streets that reveals a month.” RamadanHowever, the mosques are decorated as they are in the Arab world, and those who recite the Quran and offer Daraaweeh prayers will experience a happy atmosphere.

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