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Amr Adib at the helm of Yasmin Abdel Aziz: Al-Fawazir’s genius and star in the coming years | News


Journalist Amr Adib sent a letter to artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz asking him to replay the comedy.

In the Friday episode of his show “The Story” aired during the month of Ramadan on mbc Egypt 2, Amr Adib expressed his admiration for the campaign that Yasmin Abdel Aziz appeared during 2022 Ramadan.

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Amr Adib said: Do not convince anyone that you are a genius comedian, less of a comedian than any other actor.

Amr Adeeb and Yasmin Abdel Aziz

He continued, “As soon as you appeared in the ad this year, you were dazzling and you presented Fawazi and thought you should be its star in the years to come, you are a window star, please focus on comedy.

Yasmin Abdel Aziz co-starred with Kareem Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in an advertisement for a telecommunications company on Ramadan 2022, and they will star alongside various characters including Karima Mokhtar and Abdel Monim Madbouli in “The Grandson” and Abdel Kapoor al – “I will not live in my father’s gown”.

Yasmin Abdel Aziz and Kareem Mahmood Abdel Aziz in the advertising campaign

Yasmin Abdel Aziz’s latest work is the “Ellie Malouch Kabir” series with her husband Ahmed Al-Awadi, and the series was a huge success during its presentation last Ramadan.


The “Ellie Malush Kabir” series, written by Amr Mahmood Yassin, was produced by Synergy, directed by Mustafa Fekri and co-starring Khalid Al-Savi, Khalid Sarhan, Dina Fouad, Tonia Abdel Aziz, Fatouh Ahmed, Ida Riyadh and Badria Dolpa. , Ahmad Abdullah Mahmood, Ahmad Saeed Abdel Ghani, Iman Al-Saeed, Mahmoud Hafiz, Basant Al-Nabrawi, Hota Al-Etrebi, Ahmad Al-Rafi, Mahmoud Yassin “Jr.” and others.

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