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Its ban has been called for.. The World Health Organization has warned against flavored e-cigarettes


The World Health Organization has called (WHO) Ban all flavored e-cigarettes globally and treat them like regular cigarettes.

The organization said Thursday that “urgent measures” are needed to control e-cigarettes, saying there is little evidence to suggest that e-cigarettes help smokers quit regular cigarettes and that they lead to nicotine addiction in non-smokers..

It urged changes including banning all flavoring agents such as menthol and using the same measures used to control regular cigarettes, including raising taxes and banning their use in public places..

E-cigarettes have gained widespread use among young people and women, and the World Health Organization has warned that they can lead to addiction..

Due to aggressive marketing, more 13- to 15-year-olds use e-cigarettes than adults in all regions, the organization said in a report..

“Children are recruited and hooked on e-cigarette use at an early age and can become addicted to nicotine,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the organization’s director-general.

The World Health Organization has made e-cigarettes products, some of which are known to cause cancer and pose a risk to heart and lung health. Citing studies, he added, it can also affect brain development in young people.

Meanwhile, tobacco giant Imperial Brands said (IMB.L) and an electronic cigarette company AndE-cigarettes pose far fewer health risks than tobacco and help reduce its harm, while flavors are key in encouraging smokers to switch..

Scientists from the universities of Virginia and North Carolina reported that when e-cigarette users smoke in their cars for less than 10 minutes, the air around them becomes full of toxic particles. PM2.5.

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can create PM2.5 From natural and man-made sources such as burning fossil fuels. When inhaled, the material penetrates the lungs and irritates the entire respiratory system, which can cause or worsen asthma and bronchitis..

It is important to note that the WHO guidelines are not binding at the national level, but may be adopted voluntarily..

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