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It’s official: “Catastrophe” is the name of a tropical state in the Arabian Sea


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The Oman Meteorological Department said that the tropical storm currently in the Arabian Sea is called Bibarjai.

According to the list of tropical cyclone names published by the Special Regional Meteorological Center in New Delhi, India, the name is a Bangladeshi name for cyclones formed in the northern Indian Ocean, including the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Translated into English as disaster, it means disaster.

Information shows that these names are not used for any storm except when it becomes tropical according to the following wind speed ratios:

A tropical depression is when the maximum sustained wind speed is less than 63 km/h
A tropical storm is when the maximum sustained wind speed is above 63 km/hr. In this case a name is given;
– Typhoon, typhoon, tropical cyclone or super typhoon – depending on the basin of formation, when the maximum sustained wind speed exceeds 116 km / h or 63 days.

Recent satellite images show the development of the tropical state into a tropical storm, and it is positioned in the south-central Arabian Sea and about 1170 km off the coast of the Sultanate. It is moving northwards towards the central Arabian Sea and it will continue to be a storm for the next three days, then it is likely to develop into a category 1 cyclone with high cloud cover over the Sultanate of Oman. Next five days.

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