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Emirates News Agency – The UAE reviews its efforts in the fields of sustainability and space at the United Nations “COPOS” panel.


Vienna, June 6, WAM/ A high-level delegation from the United Arab Emirates, led by Assistant Minister of State for Advanced Scientific and Technological Affairs Imran Sharaf, chair of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, participated. Cobos at the sixty-sixth session of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, one of the largest groups in the United Nations with a membership of 100 countries.

The delegation to the event, which will be held in the Austrian capital Vienna until June 9, includes the Director General of the Emirates Space Agency, His Excellency Salem Putti Salem Al Qubaisi, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others. Senior staff of the Emirates Space Agency.

Speaking during the committee session, Imran Sharaf said: We have seen great progress in space endeavors since the last session of this committee, from the James Webb Space Telescope taking the first images of the beginning of the universe to changing an orbit. Continued exploration of the Moon and Mars by first asteroid and spacecraft is testament to humanity’s will to go further.”

He added, “This year we celebrate the fifty-fifth anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Peaceful Exploration and Uses of Outer Space, and so far, the Committee and its two Subcommittees still represent unique platforms for promoting international dialogue and cooperation on the peaceful use of outer space and global governance of outer space activities.”

He emphasized that these groups are currently playing an important role; We are witnessing a boom in space activities, an unprecedented rate of new technological development in the space industry, and an increase and diversity of space stakeholders.

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Commenting on the UAE’s leadership of the Committee, he said, “The UAE has prioritized making a positive impact through its leadership of the UN Committee as it has worked to address key issues and visions related to space security. Stability, sustainability and security.”

For his part, His Excellency Salem Al Qubaisi delivered the State of the Nation address, and “affirms its commitment and support to the United Arab Emirates Group and its role in contributing to the creation of a safe and stable environment for space.”

He added: “We believe that space can only be developed by relying on regional and international cooperation through joint efforts. The UAE has contributed to the development of scientific research, technological innovation and knowledge exchange with member countries. We have also successfully launched joint projects. , facilitated the exchange of experiences and Strengthened capacity building programs to help countries achieve their goals by harnessing the potential of space science and technology.

To ensure the sustainability of our space programme, we have worked hard to develop and review the regulatory framework for the space sector and develop a National Policy for Space Science and Technology that defines our priorities in the sector, he explained. In addition to encouraging innovation and investment in this vital sector of sustainability of space operations, we issued 9 more regulations, including permits for space operations and human spaceflight, and guidelines for space debris minimization.

His Excellency Salem Al Qubaisi said: “We launched the Abu Dhabi Space Dialogue initiative, which creates a unique platform to discuss the most pressing challenges in the space industry, foster a new space economy and maximize human capacity development. Through the Space Academy, we aim to prepare the next generation of space engineers. Priorities.” scientists and entrepreneurs,” adding: “The space industry has seen significant growth through this vision and the UAE’s Economic Space Zones programme. We are working to support the establishment, growth and sustainability of space companies.”

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In his speech, he touched on the most important projects and initiatives of the UAE and the Emirates Space Agency, including the National Space Fund worth 3 billion dirhams, the Space Data Complex and the “SAS” program for space applications.

During the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change “COP 28” in Dubai in November and December 2023, he pointed out that the UAE is raising awareness of space applications to mitigate climate change and environmental challenges. Expo City will unite the world to agree on bold solutions, practical and ambitious to the most pressing global challenge of our time, advance opportunities for the space industry and raise awareness of space applications in mitigating climate and environmental challenges.

The speech of the United Arab Emirates, during the “Space and Sustainable Development” and “Space and Climate Change” sessions, recognized the right of all Member States to develop their capabilities in the field of space systems and focused on the importance of peaceful uses of space. In addition to the need to implement space cooperation and its sustainability in a peaceful and sustainable manner, the development of its public and private projects and the role of the space industry as a key driver of human creativity.

It also focused on the importance of international cooperation in responding to challenges and the role of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters as a key tool in global efforts and the UAE’s globally effective efforts in cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience. With the international community to use space technology for the benefit of humanity in times of disaster.

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Observations highlight the importance of space technologies in addressing the challenges of climate change, the use of satellites to observe the Earth and remote sensing and data analysis to monitor and address climate impacts, with the contribution of satellite data to enable countries to act. Make informed decisions and develop effective policies to address various climate challenges.

In a speech on ways and means of securing outer space for peaceful purposes, the UAE delegation emphasized that there are several ways to ensure the security and sustainability of outer space activities. The UAE, and its obligations to enable innovation and encourage investment, and the government’s commitment to transparency and international law in line with international agreements.

During a speech at the “Space Exploration and Innovation” session, the delegation highlighted the advancement of space missions in promoting scientific research and education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, innovation, economic diversification and international cooperation.

He touched on the Emirates project to explore Mars, “Probe of Hope”, the Emirates project to explore the Moon, “Explorer Rashid 2” and the Emirates mission to explore the asteroid belt. Geological features and surface density of many asteroids in the main asteroid belt.

He emphasized the mission’s role in achieving the UAE’s strategic goals of empowering local companies, encouraging the establishment of Emirati startups and creating new markets for space technologies.

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