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Jaguar Land Rover launches trial of the world’s first digital leather distribution chain


Jaguar Land Rover has begun to use secure blockchain technology to ensure complete transparency in its supply chain for durable leather goods. For the world’s first experience, Jaguar Land Rover supply chain monitoring solutions provider Circular has partnered with UK leather manufacturer Bridge Ware and the University of Nottingham to offer new surveillance technology. Chain leather.

In addition to monitoring compliance with established standards, this digital process will allow Jaguar Land Rover to evaluate the carbon footprint of its leather distribution network. Jaguar Land Rover is part of its commitment to mitigating negative environmental and ethical impacts on the life cycle of its products.

Jaguar Land Rover is committed to providing its customers with a more consistent and responsible selection of products used in the interior design of Range Rover Evoque’s premium natural eucalyptus fabric, as well as quattro, high quality wool blend. 53 recycled plastic bottles for each vehicle available on both Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Velor and all electric Jaguar i-Pace.

During research funded by the UK Innovation Institute, a “digital dual” of emerging raw materials was developed that allows digital and simultaneous monitoring of the leather supply chain. A combination of GPS data, biometric data and QR codes was used to digitally verify the movement of the skin at each step of the process using blockchain technology.

The verification process is structured as a repeatable model to monitor every leather area at each stage, and this system can be used by Jaguar Land Rover’s global distribution chain and other industries such as leather and fashion and footwear.

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The project is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Remaign’ strategy, with a consistent mix of contemporary luxury, unique customer experiences and positive social impact.

The “New Vision” strategy seeks to completely eliminate carbon emissions throughout the company’s distribution chain, products and operations by 2039, and Jaguar Land Rover collaborates with a number of experts in the automotive industry to improve emissions, reduce emissions and invest in modern technology, data and software development.

Jaguar Land Rover, Managing Director, Supply Chain, Tag Owen, said: “We are currently restructuring our supply chain as part of our restructuring strategy. This is a step towards decorponizing our distribution chain, products and processes by 2039, driven by the most advanced digital capabilities.

Jaguar Land Rover’s investment and mobility services division, through In-Motion, allows us to obtain premium products more explicitly with the support, well-being and compliance of its suppliers across its networks.

This technology can be used to track other objects, and “Circular” improves the tracking of minerals currently used in the manufacture of electric car batteries using block chains, and what distinguishes block chains is that they cannot be replaced or damaged. Gives corporate customers greater confidence in the consistency of their supply chain and ensures access to all products from standard sources.

The doctor said. Warren Botten, Director of Innovation and Sustainability at the Scottish Leather Group, said: “We believe this partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Nottingham presents the best opportunity to improve blockchain technology to enhance current global innovation and transparency in the UK agriculture.

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“In the Bridge of War, we see the potential for carbon-positive buildup combined with the resources responsible for improving carbon and waste-free production, and the commitment to continuous innovation, if sourced from local, grass – fed, non – deforestation farms. , Allowing the entire skin supply chain to be accurately monitored and measured.


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