February 7, 2023

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UAE-British Business Council introduces new strategy in support of bilateral partnership

Today, the United Arab Emirates-British Business Council hosted its 19th Open Session by the Mohammed bin Rashid Aviation Center at the Emirates Flight Training Academy in Dubai.

The session was chaired by His Excellency Ahmed bin Ali Mohammed Al Sayyik, Minister of State, Head of Abu Dhabi Global Markets and Lord Woodney Lister, in which a new strategy in support of the partnership between the two countries was coordinated.

The event comes 3 weeks after the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan visited the British capital “London”. The two countries aim to strengthen bilateral economic ties. Technical education, health care, life sciences and renewable energy.

The sovereign investment partnership between Mubadala and the British Investment Office has invested 9 billion euros in the technology, infrastructure and clean and renewable energy sectors, in addition to the 1 billion pledged earlier this year.

The Business Council discussed how to strategically organize priorities, events and campaigns in line with the content of these agreements, and agreed to restructure the working groups and initiate a new strategy to enhance the Council’s support for these priorities.

Future partnership

He stressed that the meeting represents a unique opportunity for trade and investment cooperation relations between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Joint for the future.

For his part, he said the environment conducive to innovation, technology and investment supports the momentum of future trade partnership between the two friendly countries, ensuring that the United Federal-UK Business Council coordinates cooperation for partnership. The future.

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Continuous growth

In this regard, His Excellency Mansour Abdullah Kalban Belhoul of the United Arab Emirates and the United Arab Emirates for the United Kingdom reaffirmed that the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom enjoy a “Continuing Historic Partnership Relationship”, stating that the Sovereign Investment Partnership is a partnership with Future and Smart Investment

His Excellency acknowledged the role played by the Council in enhancing the capacity of companies in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom to benefit from these bilateral developments.

5000 companies

For his part, Patrick Moody, the UK’s ambassador to the country, said the partnership was initiated by Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi and Boris Johnson, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and British Prime Minister. Last month, the Minister said that trade cooperation between the two friendly countries is a historic partnership and marks the basis of bilateral relations as the two countries’ governments operate in the United Arab Emirates with the support of more than 5,000 British companies.

Simon Benny, the UK’s ambassador general in Dubai and trade commissioner for the Middle East, said: “One week before the Joint Economic Group meeting, the opening session of the UAE-UK Business Council is scheduled for a timely meeting between the two governments and partners last year.

He said the agreement enhances trade relations between the two countries during his high-level Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan visit to strengthen the sovereign investment partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, to invest in the fields of biological sciences, technology, infrastructure and clean energy.

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The UAE-British Business Council celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.