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James Webb captures a bright image of the “Space Horse” galaxy


Monday, 03 April 2023 11:00 PM

From about 6.3 billion light-years away, the telescope picked it up James Webb A bright image of the “Space Horse” galaxy, along with a group of galaxies 6 billion years away, reveals three events where gravity warps spacetime, Emirati newspaper, Al-Bayan, reported.

According to NASA, new space images taken by the James Webb Telescope show galactic curves, lines, or streaks in space, and reveal the bending of galaxies in a phenomenon known as “gravitational lensing.” Zoom in on distant galaxies, too, according to Sky News.

Gravitational lensing is “the effect of gravitational matter existing and distributed between a distant light source and the observer”, and is captured by a lens called “space-time”, according to the European Space Agency.

Basically, a celestial body distorts the galaxies and stars behind it relative to a distant observer.

Gravitational lensing has a magnifying glass effect that is useful for scientists studying distant galaxies, which are often more difficult to find.

James Webb took the modern image of a group of galaxies SDSS J1226+2149 According to the European Space Agency, it is about 6.3 billion light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices.

Because of this effect, James Webb’s camera was done NIRCamOr Near infrared cameraThe camera, which operates based on the near-infrared spectrum, can capture a clear and bright image of the “Space Horse” galaxy, which “appears as a long, bright and distorted bow. Heart-like in shape.”

It was James Webb TelescopeIt continues to capture some of the sharpest and clearest images of the depths of space, including last year’s image of a cluster galaxy using a “gravitational lensing” technique. SMACS 0723Known as the “deep field” image, it is the first full-color image captured by the James Webb Telescope and revealed by NASA on July 11 of galaxies more than 13 billion years old.

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