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Jamie Foxx prepares for comedy after improving his health


Jamie Foxx (Daily Mail) on the phone in Los Angeles

Friday 25 August 2023 / 15:16

American actor Jamie Foxx is on the mend after a mysterious illness that struck him last April, and reports have revealed that he is gearing up for a new comedy film.

The new movie is a comedy based on the struggle between good and evil

In a recent appearance, it was found in the newspaper “Daily MailBritish Jamie Foxx appeared to be talking on the phone in front of his luxury Rolls Royce at a petrol station in Los Angeles, USA.

The newspaper revealed Fox’s new movie titled Not Another Church Movie, a genre comedy based on the struggle between good and evil, the devil’s seduction of humans, and the spread of corruption and chaos.

Fox turn

Fox embodies the “good,” while actor Mickey Rourke plays the devil, an ambitious young man struggling to navigate his life: to tell his family’s story and inspire his community. As the young man tries to reveal the details of his family’s faith life, events continue as family and society thwart his mission to derail the young man’s path or Satan (Rourke) intervenes and lurks behind the scenes. To turn his attention to sin.
Sources indicated that Fox had finished shooting the film before the Hollywood strike began last May, and that it will be shown next October.

A mix of skills

In a joint statement, Fox CEO James Michael Cummings and Warner Bros. CEO Jim Cardwell expressed the producers’ delight in having the “Django Enchanted” hero as part of their upcoming comedy.
Also, the report speculates that the upcoming production will involve a unique mix of fresh and veteran talent, and the events will permeate comic situations with a new and different presentation of the issue of the struggle between good and evil.

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His latest work

Jamie Foxx’s latest work is the sci-fi comedy “Their Clown Tyrone,” which premiered on June 14 on the Netflix-produced platform.
Fox, who has returned to health, shared a group of photos with her fans via Instagram last week, in which she confirmed she was fine and expressed her eagerness to return to her normal life after the setback. The revelation came when she was filming “Back in Action” with Cameron.

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