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Jennifer Lopez in the movie “Halftime” … Ignoring the constant disappointments, racism and talent created an art symbol


From behind the scenes, we look at the works that artists present, summarize their efforts by listening to a song, or watch a performance or their musical performances, regardless of what they have been affected by, and achieve the result we see.

This has never been easier for an international artistJennifer LopezKnown as a professional singer, talented actress, beauty icon and brilliant artist for over 20 years, she poses as a Latin immigrant to the United States to expose her personal life to the public. , And as a woman of color, constantly striving to prove her talents, trying to escape from daily disappointments, which is what she did in the new documentary Halftime, which tells the story of her life.

Why was the documentary titled “Half Time”?

When Jennifer Lopez talked about the possibility of a resurrection in 2019, preventive action began.Super Bowl“, In 2020, he will be 50 years old, and after the release of the movie” Hustlers “he revealed the role of” stripper dancer “nominated for a” Golden Globe “award.

In an attempt to express the joy of this opportunity, and with the success of the film, Lopez revealed the war she has lived through throughout her life so that her voice can be heard, and viewers can see or take her seriously. She considers this to be her first opportunity to show her truth to the world.
Then the shock comes in more than one form.
The decision to revive Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl with a Colombian artist was made in conjunction with the US-Mexico border wall project that former US President Donald Trump wanted to establish and the restrictions on Latin immigrants in the United States at the time.ShakiraBoth artists are of Latin descent, after which Lopez did not win the “Golden Globe” award, of which he had many hopes.
Named the “Halftime” for the “Super Bowl” festival, and after many disappointments Jennifer Lopez went on, it was a real opportunity for both artists to prove their talents and raise their voices against racism. The country was witnessing against immigrants at the time.

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Banquet arrangements

SuspicionThe “Super Bowl” banquet was very important in Lopez’s life, he considered it more than a banquet, but thereby wanted to highlight Latin culture and prove his presence as a professional actor in every sense of the word. .
Part of the preparations for the ceremony were so large in the documentary that Jennifer Lopez tried to document every moment as she performed the song, choosing the people involved and involving the children at the party. “Born in the USA”, as a clear message against the scenes of immigrant children in cages, is seen in scenes where they are separated from their parents and do not fit into the United States of their birth. The dream of every immigrant.
On more than one occasion, Jennifer Lopez expressed her disappointment at the concert breakup between her and Shakira, using the phrase “the worst idea in the world”, which was the main motivation to showcase her abilities to prove that she could. Let her make the concert a success.

Racial discrimination against people of color

Jennifer Lopez has been talking about the topic of racism against women of color since she described some of the details from her childhood.
He began to talk about his relationship with his mother, revealing that he and his two sisters had abused her since childhood, which her mother did not deny, and confirmed that she would continue to abuse violently until her daughters grew up. They are immigrant women of color.
Jennifer Lopez then moved on to her entry into the art world, where she excelled in acting and singing, and worked hard to ensure that she was not just a dancer.
In addition, he was nominated for no award for his work, even for “The Hustlers”, despite his hard work and high audience in his films and series.

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In short, in this documentary, Jennifer Lopez was able to express her suffering and talk about the difficulties that every woman experiences in her place, and confirms that there is a woman behind this artist who tries in every way to tell many stories. Always trying to raise her voice and “get louder”.

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