March 25, 2023

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It works with "Windows 98" ... Improving the operating system of the Mars Exploration Spacecraft

It works with “Windows 98” … Improving the operating system of the Mars Exploration Spacecraft

According to the “Alexa” site, Amazon has announced that it will allow a new feature in the “Alexa” device, a virtual assistant capable of speaking in a dead person’s voice.NPR“.

At a conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Rohit Prasad, senior vice president of Amazon and chief scientist at Alexa, said, “Although AI cannot remove the pain of loss, it will certainly prolong their memories.”

Prasad said the updated system would be able to collect enough voice data from a one-minute clip of a dead person’s voice and process it into Alexa.

Prasad did not say when the feature would be launched. Amazon declined to comment on the timeline.

He continued, “We are undoubtedly living in the golden age of artificial intelligence, where our dreams and science fiction have come true.”

Also, “Alexa” is a virtual assistant device developed by the American company Amazon, and works just like “Siri” on Apple devices and “Google Assistant” on Android devices. Reading music, reading news and other features.

However, reactions to this feature on Twitter ranged from “scary” to “terrible”, with others dismissing it outright.

Many people online have expressed their concern about the aspect of recovering the voice of a dead person.

In particular, there is a growing debate among experts and researchers about what is known as deepfacks – video or audio using artificial intelligence that appears to have been done or told by someone who did not happen.

Subbarao Kampatti, a professor of computer science at Arizona State University, hopes Amazon will showcase the performance of an audio repeater that keeps audiences aware of the use of artificial sounds in everyday life.

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“For the bereaved, it may really help as we look back and watch videos of the missing, but it comes with serious ethical issues,” he added.

“Is it acceptable to do this without the permission of the deceased?” He asked.