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Jenshin Impact’s Three Realms Cat event requires healers


Enjoy looking at the camera with the Economy Tower in the distance.

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Eagerly awaited The effect of ginseng The “Three Parts Cat Show” event opened yesterday. Many fans Praise him Getting rid of content portals for the first time allows you to feel like a traditional RPG that can play raw at your own pace. However, his approach to time is more tolerant than most people Jinshin Events and her wars are certainly not. New Enemies Challenge was introduced, which, with some unique exploration dynamics, offers The Three Realms Gate a unique and challenging Jinshin event.

You will explore the Dark Edition of Enkonomia Islands to solve the mysteries of Enkonomia Islands and receive game rewards. This phenomenon-defined variant of encephalitis causes some ups and downs JinshinRegular open world exploration experience. Naturally, in the event the chests do not open, ladders do not form, fast travel points do not open, and some enemies do not die. To implement this basic research dynamic, you need to spend the Pokசோmon Box C points declining over time. Making this area more difficult has advantages over the enemies shield characters here. All of this adds a very dangerous journey to your characters. Here are some tips to make sure your party is not destroyed when you face unique and deadly challenges of the event. .

Bring in healers

No, I’m serious. The developers are hosting this event with the upcoming Kokomi banner for a reason. Healers are very important here, compared to the normal game content where it is much easier to put on a shield than to run Health Point Management. This is mainly due to the special type of enemies you encounter in this area. The event introduces Shadowi Husk’s enemies, who raise defenses when they attack a shield or cure their allies. The only reason I took the terribly weak Xiao Fragile into this treacherous world was because I had two healers on the team. Oh, did I mention that there are rifthounds in this area, the enemies of wolves, whose attacks pass completely through the armor?

It is imperative to fight these new anti-armor enemies as they drop the items needed for the event missions. Yes. If you are considering Jangli, Noel, Diona or Thomas, you will have a bad time. Take Kokomi, Kiki, Bennett or Barbara instead. Jingyu Probably Work, but only if you are really strong at preventing attacks.

If the enemies are not dead, use the Bokuso box

Some enemies have a purple light around them. This means that they will not die until you remove their bad vibes through the bogus box. Use the item to distract their light and press the button, then beat them naturally.

Always choose Tokyo Legumes and Aphorium Minerals

Tokoyo Legumes are ghost plants growing in this area. You need to be close to them for a few seconds before they become solid enough to take off. Aodium aluminum can only be extracted if you spend your valuable C points. You should always mine them immediately. Despite a cost, when you stumble upon a point where you have to travel fast, in some cases you may not want to be cheap. It costs five legumes and five minerals to open each. You will use this to open towers in the main campaign, so be sure to save it.

Check the map often to see if you can upgrade your Bokuso box

The developers created the grinding event resources Much Easy this time. In addition to the mini map showing the treasure locations, the big map also tells you when to upgrade your Bokuso box. Go to the statue in the center of the map to explore the rewards by fighting your Light Real Sigils. You can get it by completing the challenges or by opening the chest.

Allow yourself to follow Siles

I am usually very skeptical when I see the floating cell (a green spirit that takes players to treasure). Jinshin Supernatural, because they usually motivate me to collect other treasure or resources. Three parts are not in the event. Level design has improved significantly since the release of Enkanomia. If you get stuck in an area or puzzle, following the seal helps more than obstacles.

My main tip: do not play the entire event in one session. Lots of players He did this last nightThen complain about it Jinshin There is no content in it. Don’t be one of those people. You have about 40 days to complete the event, so don’t forget to organize yourself.

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