August 13, 2022

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Juventus and Turin start match in the Italian League .. Live

Juventus and Turin start match in the Italian League .. Live

belbalady In the 26th round of the Italian Premier League “Calcio”, the whistle was blown for the events of the first half of the match between Juventus and Turin.

“Akbar Al-Yum Gate” offers live coverage of the match to its supporters, which takes place at the Alliance Stadium, the old woman’s stronghold.

The creation, announced by Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, came to the fore:

Goalkeeper: Chesney.

Defense: Sandro, de Lict, Rojani, Quadrato.

Midfield: Denise Zakaria, Locatelly, Robiote.

Forwards: Dipala, Vilahovic, Morata.

– JuventusFC (@juventusfcen)

Juventus are fourth on the Italian league table with 46 points and Turin are tenth with 32 points.

Juventus won the first leg between the two teams in the 86th minute through “Manuel Locadelli”.

In the previous match against Atlanta, Juventus came out on top with one goal each, while Turin came away with two goals against Venice.

Juventus have entered the tournament in good form, having not lost in their last 14 matches locally or on the continent.

With only one match against the teams he will be fighting for the title of Inter in the thirty-first round, his path seems to be paved from now until the end of the league.

Depending on the title fight or participation in the Champions League, things will most likely be resolved in the final 37th round, the sixth Lazio, match against its guest Udinese on Sunday.

Juventus’ focus is mainly on its Continental contract and the European Champions League, and it must ignore Villarreal to pursue its dream of a title that has been stubborn since 1996.

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Juventus qualified for the semi-finals of the Italy Cup after beating Sassuolo by two goals to one at the Alliance Ground.

Juventus face Fiorentina in the semi-finals, beating Atlanta by this victory.

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