March 30, 2023

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Johnson 'apologizes' to MPs over Downing Street concerts, vows to 'fix things'

Johnson ‘apologizes’ to MPs over Downing Street concerts, vows to ‘fix things’


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a session of parliament on Monday, “regretted” what happened after the release of the official statement on the Downing Street concerts scandal. He vowed to “fix things”. Of note, these banquets were held in isolation, in defiance of restrictions imposed on all Britons.

Via the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson On Monday, he expressed his “regret” in parliament after vowing to “fix things” after the release of an official statement on parties held in Downing Street in defiance of the stone-throwing measures imposed to control Govt-19.

On Downing Street he promised to change the way he manages his business and said, “I understand that and will fix things.”

“Yes, we can count on it,” Johnson said, stressing the post-Brexit agenda and action against Russia over its threats to Ukraine.

After the London City Police launched their own investigation into the long-awaited 12-page report, Chief Government Officer Sue Gray agreed on what he could say.

Although Johnson called on all parties to wait for the outcome of the London police investigation, opposition leader Khair Stormer called the police intervention in the case a “disgrace.”

Stormer described the prime minister as “a man of no shame” and urged Johnson’s government partners to expel him “rather than support further misconduct, cover-ups and deception”.

Labor leader Khair Stormer accused him of “contempt” at an earlier session, and House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle was repeatedly forced to intervene and restore peace, condemning a Labor MP for calling Boris Johnson a “liar”.

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Aiming to get out of this crisis, Johnson sought to restore public support in a country that had long been shut down and largely devastated by the epidemic, removing recent restrictions related to the Govt. Caused the deaths of more than 154,000 people.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss defended him, “apologizing for what happened to the prime minister. 19.

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