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Johnson faces the wrath of a parliamentary majority in his fight against “Omigran”


London – AFP
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces the wrath of his majority in parliament on Tuesday, promising that he will remain calm about the measures he has imposed against the eruption of the Omigron mutation.
On Sunday, with more than 146,000 deaths recorded, Johnson warned that a “massive wave” was emerging from the clumsy Omigran in Britain, one of the worst-hit European countries.
The wave of injuries is hampering the English Football League as Manchester United postponed the match against Brentford on Tuesday with Covit-19 due to infection of several players and staff.
Johnson last week announced new restrictions against the Govt-19 eruption, which include wearing muzzles in closed spaces, daily inspections of contacts and mandatory isolation and health certification in large cases, according to the government. To avoid exhausting the capabilities of the hospital system in the coming weeks.
However, not all conservative parliamentarians support the new restrictions, which some consider repressive.
Steve Baker, one of the BBC’s opponents of Johnson’s actions, said: “All of these actions are vicious and disproportionate, and there is not enough evidence to support them.”
About 60 Conservative MPs are threatening to revolt on Tuesday, but the government is expected to approve the new restrictions in parliament due to its overwhelming majority (80 seats) and the support of the opposition Labor Party.
However, the timing of this uprising could not have been worse for Boris Johnson.
Relationship and corruption
Two years after his historic election victory in the wake of the Brexit promise, Johnson has been recording a decline in his popularity in opinion polls and facing numerous calls to resign after a series of scandals.
On Sunday, the Sunday Mirror newspaper released a picture of him participating in a video contest on December 15, 2020, surrounded by two aides on Downing Street.
These scenes provoked the outcry of the public because at that time the British were subject to strict restrictions to control the spread of the virus, which included no social exclusion and no crowd.
Johnson faces a violent political campaign over a Christmas party on Downing Street on December 18, 2020, which may have violated the epidemic control rules imposed on Britain at the time.
A video has been leaked showing Boris Johnson’s aides making fun of this “Christmas party”.
At a time when it is hoped that new restrictions may be imposed to combat the Govt-19 eruption, a string of scandals surrounding health rules violations are affecting Johnson’s credibility.
These scandals add to the corruption allegations against him and ultimately threaten to force the Conservative Party into a no-confidence vote against him.
On Thursday, Boris Johnson received another blow at an expensive repair funded by private donations at his apartment in the Government House.
The Conservatives have been fined, 16,250 (approximately ,000 19,000) for failing to disclose the total amount of personal donations they received to renovate the apartment, as well as £ 1,550 for breach of duty to maintain order. Account records.
Ruthless conservatives
Johnson was under pressure after he tried to change the disciplinary rules of parliament in favor of his party’s MP Owen Patterson, who pleaded guilty to a dispute of interest.
By-elections will be held in Patterson constituency on Thursday and he will be forced to resign, which will be a test for the Conservatives.
In addition, there are questions about the Prime Minister’s vacation abroad, his government’s dangerous relations with the business community, or allegations of nepotism related to the allocation of seats in the House of Lords to non – select Conservative donors.
Journalist Robin Pettitz, a former journalist and mayor of London, said Johnson’s fluent speech, known for his unusual style, could help him go through one or two abuses.
But Pettit says the Conservative Party will have no mercy on Johnson if the scandal escalates, because “the Conservative Party has always been very hard on removing unemployed leaders.”

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