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“Journey of Identity”…experiments into “roots” and human nature


Curated by Céline Azem, the Ferretti Gallery of Contemporary Art, Alsergal Avenue, Dubai showcases the works of artists such as Boris Angie, Carson Boga, Gansame Brian Lester, Christine Nayadu, Florence Nandiza, the exhibition “Identity Journey”. and Colin Sekajuko, in which they explore the complex and overlapping nature of the human self. Drawing inspiration from the influential theories of Bell Hooks and exploring the importance of the fragmentation of existence and the evolving nature of individuality, the artists express their vision of their own identity, inviting the audience to explore their unique and varied African heritage. Their work highlights important intersections that characterize the existential concept, explaining how different aspects of the self overlap and interact in complex and interdependent ways.

Boris Angie’s work explores the concept of identity by focusing on the representation and celebration of the African body and culture, as his paintings depict the elegance of young men and women of African descent and their adaptation to the latest modern trends. Angie reverses some of the looks by using Adingra symbols, a modern form of writing language spoken in Ghana and Ivory Coast, and Colin Chikajoko’s multimedia work explores the complex connection between social, cultural, economic and political factors that shape the individual. and group identity.

Consime Brian Lester’s exceptional use of oil and acrylic in his paintings is intended to depict the raw emotions of men and women in African society. Lister tells the story of these men and women through his paintings highlighting their experiences and emotions, he uses colors and symbols to create a strong link between Africa’s history and its modern era, and Christine Nyadu focuses on the moon and its Symbolism shows the role of culture and beliefs in shaping our identity, while Florence focuses on the therapeutic properties and symbolism of plants and herbs, particularly the relationship between man and nature.

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Carson Boca depicts individuals in their intimate interactions while avoiding direct visual contact with the viewer. This technique reverses the traditional dynamic between the art object and the viewer. Boka uses traditional Masaka Park canvas on white canvas, combining classic and modern elements at the same time.

As for the “Roots and Reflections” exhibition held at the gallery under the supervision of Mara Ferretti, founder and CEO of Ferretti Gallery, it involves a journey between the folds of time and nature, and is an interactive exhibition. Viewers are taken on a captivating journey between the works of four contemporary artists from different cultural backgrounds. These artists use multiple mediums to create artworks inspired by their personal history, life experiences, cultural roots and impressions of nature. The exhibition focuses on three main themes rooted deep in the human experience: memory, identity, nature and environment. Innovation and experience. Through these subjects, artists explore central questions about human nature and man’s relationship with the world around him.

Artist Robert Santori’s diverse works draw inspiration from themes of memory and identity, his personal history and cultural roots. Themes of nature and the environment dominate Sylvester Javret’s marble sculptures and Jason Middlebrook’s wooden wall sculptures. Joffrey’s organic work prompts the viewer to rethink their relationship with the natural world, while Middlebrook’s wood-stem sculptures look like geometric paintings inspired by the work of artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Bridget Riley, and Frank Stella.

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