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Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is waiting for you with a busy schedule


This month, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library will host events, workshops and discussion and dialogue sessions to promote culture and education, promote innovation and creativity in society, expand the horizons of participants and exchange ideas and experiences with others. As part of its strategy to spread cultural awareness.

Activities include a workshop titled “Paper and Scissors… The Art of Sustainability” in collaboration with trainer Sarah Al-Emadi, teaching children the importance of sustainability and introducing them to the challenges of climate change through storytelling. Interactive activities, based on the vision and strategy of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, to support the initiatives and activities of “public sustainability” and to raise awareness of its issues and encourage community participation.

On the birthday of the late Egyptian writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq (June 10), the library is hosting an event titled “Coffee and a Book…Beyond Nature,” which will discuss the “Beyond Nature” series of pocket novels. It became very popular and sold more than 15 million copies, highlighting its huge success and turning it into a television series on Netflix.

The events of this series took place in Egypt in the sixties of the last century, the protagonist Dr. Refaat Ismail and his efforts to uncover the secrets of many extraordinary phenomena.

Monthly Library Days events provide attendees with an excellent opportunity to hear and interact with many influential people and benefit from their knowledge and experiences. The library is hosting an event titled “The Days of George Orwell,” which will include presentations on his life and quotes.

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A panel discussion on “The Dystopian Novel and Projections of Realism in George Orwell’s Literature” will also be organized, along with a discussion on his book “Animal Farm” with Jennifer Malden and Prasetti Dalati.

Several eminent guests including Rehan Khan and Margaret Flanagan will participate in this session.

In honor of International Storytelling Day, the library is hosting an educational workshop for teenagers and children titled “Paper and Scissors… This is My Story” with creative Nora Khoury. A story from idea to design combines the theoretical and practical aspects of motivating creativity and writing skills development in one educational process.

In the coming days, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library will launch a series of events and activities during the summer holidays, including a project to teach the Arabic alphabet to beginners.

Learn and educate

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library looks forward to welcoming the public in its various activities aimed at providing learning and educational opportunities and expanding the horizons of knowledge in society. Website.

• Special celebration of Marhum Ahmad Khalid Tawbeek’s birthday and discussion on “Supernatural”.

• “Paper and Scissors” continues to teach children about the importance of sustainability, and introduces them to the challenges of climate change.

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