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Julia Roberts is no longer a “good girl.”


What would you do if someone knocked on your rental house door at night? He says he is the owner of the house and has asked him to let him in because of an emergency. He appears friendly, wearing a smart tuxedo, accompanied by his daughter, and has no identification documents to show.

“Leave the World” is a thriller that asks, “What would you do in this situation?” It has many moments that will surprise you. In the film based on the novel of the same name by Roman Alam, mysterious events overshadow a family’s vacation and put everyone to the test.

Famous American actress Julia Roberts laughs and says, “I won’t answer the door.” Roberts plays Amanda Sandford, a New York City advertising executive who books a luxury villa on Long Island for the weekend with her family.

With her husband, college professor Clay, played by Ethan Hawke, and their children, Archie (Charlie Evans) and Rose (Fara McKenzie), Amanda wants to “get away from the world” as the house’s advertising slogan.

Internet, telephone, television do not work at home. While walking along the beach, the family sees a strange phenomenon, a large tanker comes directly to the beach and runs aground. The viewer immediately realizes one thing: there is something strange here.

Talking about the film, “It will make everyone nervous,” says director and screenwriter Sam Ismail with a smile. “When I think about moments where we’re trying to draw a sense of suspense or dread, rather than trying to create them, I’m really trying to play on what the audience might already have,” he said. This is something that the director of the series “Mr. Robert” is very good at.

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The boys were already asleep and Amanda and Clay were sitting together when they heard a knock on the door. A man, played by actor Maher Shala Ali, wears a tuxedo and introduces himself as George, the owner of the villa. He says that the electricity in New York City has been completely cut off and he and his daughter Ruth (played by actress Mihala) have come here for safety reasons. He asks if he can spend the night with them.

Amanda seems hesitant and almost hostile, but Clay convinces his wife to help the strangers.

Julia Roberts is no longer playing the pretty girl roles that made her so famous. Amanda has a difficult personality and is not always likable, which is understandable in this difficult situation.

“I understand that the character is suspicious and very insecure and has two kids at home and it’s the middle of the night and all that stuff,” Roberts says. He added, “He tries to understand things and reach the logic of things that don’t seem logical” and this doesn’t show the most charming side of his personality.

On the same night, fear, tension and disbelief pervade, and the film has a very volatile atmosphere thanks to composer McQuail’s camera angles and evocative music.

• The thriller movie (Exit World) has many moments that make you wonder: (What would you do in this situation?).

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