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Karkash in Saudi Prince’s Conversation: Full of Content and News


Dr. Anwar Karkash, Diplomatic Adviser to the President of the United Arab Emirates, considered that the meeting of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman with the American “Atlantic” magazine was full of news and content.

In two tweets on Twitter, Karkash said Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s comprehensive interview was full of content and news for Atlantic magazine, which was delivered with confidence and realism.

He added: “An ambitious leader realizes the importance of his country’s historical heritage, its foreign relations and the pillars of its stability, which will keep pace with the future and set the state towards further growth and development.”

“The Saudi prince’s speech contained explicit and comprehensive research on how to create political, economic and social realities and strengths and how to approach challenges wisely and with knowledge of the mechanisms for positive change.”

“Prince Mohammed bin Salman speaks to the mind with the logic of hope that nations are built on hard work, achievement and foretelling the future,” he pointed out.

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s interview with the American “Atlantic” newspaper included a message characterized by strong messages, warnings and enlightenment, greater transparency, greater confidence and intelligence.

He thereby drew a roadmap for Saudi Arabia’s internal and external policies, its determination and Marak policies, exposing the conspiracies being hatched against it.

The Saudi Crown Prince supported his speech in the language of numbers, lessons of history and facts of the present, confirming that these facts will inevitably lead to the success of the future ambitions of the Kingdom and the region.

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