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New ideas for Ramadan.. Lamps, gift boxes and gift boxes with your photo in Luxor


Luxor – Ahmed Marei

Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 01:00 AM

Days before arrival The month of Ramadan Gifts, lights and decorations are the most important expressions of getting through the month of Ramadan and with the progress of time the displays of decorations and lights start to appear in abundance in various shops around Egypt to welcome the arrival of the holy month. , modern ideas to give gifts to families, friends and loved ones before Ramadan started appearing in various stores.

In this regard, “Seventh Day TV” tracked the most important of these modern ideas before the arrival of Ramadan, where a young man from Al-Aksari, Ahmad Hamad, the owner of a shop selling lamps and gifts. The month of Ramadan is said to be a few weeks before his arrival every year to display lamps of various shapes and sizes in front of children and parents. The holy month is one of the manifestations of the holy month with lamps, decorations and various gifts associated with the holy month.

And Ahmad Hamad Ibn Luxor said for “The Seventh Day” that the manifestations of the month of Ramadan, with small lamps made in the form of pendants at a very simple price, would be a good gift for all friends, family, neighbors and work colleagues. , with some types of lamps of various shapes and sizes, with lamps singing songs of the blessed month of Ramadan, with incense burners of various shapes and types, a full cart made by creative hands, and a happy Ramadan bride like Bauji, Damtam, Bakr and Al Kabir.

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Regarding the innovative gifts to prepare this year before the start of the blessed month of Ramadan, Ahmed Hamad said, This year there are various Ramadan gifts for adults and children. For fathers and mothers before the month of Ramadan, and there are. There are many different ideas from that kit to give it as a gift, so prices start at £150 and up, including, according to the price, “a chapel – a regular rosary – an electronic rosary – a large flashlight – a pendant lamp – a Quran in different sizes). There is also a children’s Ramadan gift set, which includes a small chapel for children, an Amma section, booklets related to the month of Ramadan and Ramadan achievements.

Among the different ideas for gifts and lamps for Ramadan, the owner of a gift shop for the holy month in Luxor says that he has lamps of different sizes with pictures dedicated to gifts for friends, colleagues. Loved ones, a box, a Quran, a lamp, a rosary and a pendant lamp. “The black velvet box contains a black lamp, a black Quran and a black hand-made rosary for lovers. Unique black color, bean carts, lanterns and Ramadan decorations are also designed in delightful and varied patterns.

Ahmed-Hamid-Ramadan creates ideas for gifts

Modern ideas for gifts for the holy month of Ramadan

Sep-Ahmed-Hamad-lists the gifts for the month of Ramadan


Set as a gift before Ramadan

Arrange gifts for children before the holy month of Ramadan


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