June 6, 2023

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Kessel is on vacation in Dubai with his family

Kessel on vacation in Dubai

After a big season at the elite Turkish Championship with the crowned Besiktas, Rashid Kessel is now on the Dubai side to spend his summer vacation. The Algerian international midfielder is in the company of his wife, daughter and friends.

After a good season with Besiktas, Rashid Kessel, who was loaned out by English club Leicester City this season, is having a great holiday. The 20-year-old Algerian international midfielder, who topped the Super League with 17 assists in 31 games, also won the Best Player trophy from the Turkish president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. While waiting for the new season to start again, Kessel has decided to change things up a bit in the company of his wife, daughter and friends by going on his summer vacation.

Gesell's daughter on vacation in Dubai
Gesell’s daughter on vacation in Dubai

In some of the photos posted by Rashid Kessel on Instagram, you can see his little girl playing with a tiger, without the slightest fear. In other films, Kessel is in the middle of a desert with his wife. The player used his vacation to do a car rally with friends. “Thanks to Eddie Penny Concerz for taking good care of me and my family whenever I had the opportunity to come to Dubai,” he captioned his photos.

Many Besikta supporters have responded to Rashid Kessel’s appointment, asking him to stay at the club next season as the team will play in the European Champions League. “Please stay with us. We like Kesal very much, ”Khan said. “You had a great season with us this year. We really enjoyed your performance with the Black Eagles. We hope you will be with us for the Champions League,” said Brock Emrey. Said.

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