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Sarah Agel, the young chef wants you to push Philia out the door


Led by Philia Restaurant, it is impossible to succumb to the allure of Sarah Agalin, a young chef just 25 years old. Even before he was believed by the mastery of his cuisine – his Veal with tuna sauce Pine is pure wonder, and pizzetta Jerusalem artichokes are a wonderful fragrant invention – or should be inspired by their 100% feminine concept – of course we will see it again in detail – it’s the brilliance, the grace and the sincere interest she shows when she does it. She clapped happily as she was. The warmth she describes of her childhood tastes and culinary memories is so vivid that she begins to smile long before she opens the door of the house, thanks to the provocative scents that escape from her mother’s kitchen. This energy, not only because of her enthusiasm, but also because of her maturity and simple media interest, and her determination that we will try to pass it on to you in order for you to want to push Philia out the door – all female restaurant.?! – But simply out of jealousy: Because… We would have made you hungry!

Lepetitjournal.com/dubai: Philia is a name that wants to highlight the spread from mother to daughter: And on the map you play with this idea, there are also Grandma’s cooking tips (The Grandmother), The most traditional, of mothers (The Mom) Finally the women (The Daughter) More Creative என்ன What was your initial cooking memory?

Sarah Agel: We had a game with my sister, I was very young at the time, maybe 6 years old? She would bet with me and if I could identify what my mom had prepared for the meal I would give her my bed for a few days in a row. Before Enter the house by recognizing the smell. When I realized what my high-speed senses could do, it was a real discovery! It still guides me today:

What I like most here, and what matters most to me … is that it smells good! When we enter, access our pizza oven… mm! This is inevitable!

Ever wanted to be a chef?

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Yes, as far as I can remember. I attended a culinary school, very quickly worked for the best restaurants in incredible places like the Jackie Club in Hong Kong, or four seasons, and more recently ” Here I come By Massimo Potura in Dubai Dubai – It’s a wonderful experience, I learned something new every day there, we shared our food every day for the service, and everyone on the team brought a touch of inspiration, I wanted to discover the nuances of regional Italian cuisine, ” Endless discussions about what the real “version” is gnocchi, In Pesto Or pasta with herring, not to mention Veal with tuna sauce – I now have my own version of them on the Philia menu!… We always cooked for each other, I learned a lot: it keeps the mind open.

What attracted you to the Philia project, and why did you accept it?

I felt at home. It suddenly struck me that as soon as I sat down to discuss the plan, I had a realization: Throughout my life, I had been stopped, suspended, retreated, regardless of my age or my gender. What’s going to happen in a restaurant where I own Carde Blanche, I’m only surrounded by women ?! What happens if I find that I have been hired for what might have been a problem in other situations? I was definitely selected for my work Because I am a young woman, I am a mother and a grandmother’s daughter, I grew up in a community (we are 4 sisters) from the Mediterranean… In short, everything in this project talked to me, I could not tell him not!

Today, now that the project has started, how do you feel about it?

We are in the beginning, but I’m so happy, people are happy, they’re coming back, of course there are places in front of us to grow and push ourselves forward. I love working on Mediterranean dishes – we are not exclusively Italian – it is not possible for me to choose my favorite food, they are all my kids (laughs)! Thanks to Massimo among others, I learned not to be afraid of my “crazy” ideas, he said “This is a little crazy idea … no? But don’t we all have to be crazy? Come on, put it on a plate to see what it looks like! Discipline is, cook anything Not insanely impossible! My ambition for Philia is to really grow the restaurant in a very organic and harmonious way while at the same time really spreading this feeling of “home. ..

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fi lia Restaurant Dubai

This sense of parenting that you highlight on the menu… But how does the concept of “all girl restaurant” translate into your daily life?

I will never get tired of this question! Every day I can add a subtlety or a completely new answer and it is different from the previous answer …

Women caregivers, we are the ones who take care of the details, dates, nuances, I always remember a customer’s preferences, a regular, a specific diet …

This is the way we work. It’s awesome to see it revived every day: each of us is different, and all of those features add to the restaurant, and it’s wonderful. Of course, this is not an advertising argument or window decoration: it is a deep choice, which is triggered by an intimate belief. The announcement of the top 100 chefs every year teases me… and ladies ??? One day I want to be crowned the “best chef”, not the best female chef! Ark What this archetype is, obviously, we can do better, much better today! All of this affects the entire restaurant: its atmosphere, its food and even its wines!

I mean? Do you choose only female wine growers?

Yes, we choose wines made by women or from vineyards owned by women. It taught me that I can repeat gender bias without knowing how much. Intuitively we go with the most popular suppliers or the best magazines. In fact, looking for women with a specific product to buy advocacy can be super rewarding. They are bold, creative, and even the labels of their wines are different! For a specific dinner, we worked on a project with The Magellan Whiskey, and saw a whiskey made by a woman: the glory, the incredible aroma and the color of the sunrise! Would I have intuitively gone to find this producer? I’m not sure, but in any case I’m glad to find out and share it with the world!

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I can not help, but ask what dish comes from your mother, there is definitely one!

Slipper Wire With cheese! Couscous in all its forms: Of course when I found out I was buying my couscous she was slandered (laughs) and asked if she should send me … Handmade: My God what a titanic job !! !! Of course she sends me desire (Laughs)… But I like it: it’s an integral part of my culinary DNA. I would also like to inform you: I would like to inform those who come for lunch or dinner at Philia, as children, at the table of their grandmother or mother, that they were moved, carried by the aroma and flavors. , Softened and above all happy (laughs)!

It’s hard not to show a picture from the movie “Bloodbath” for these words, where the precise taste of childhood memories makes the “bad” food critic enter the wonderful world of table pleasures!

Do you want to laugh? I have seen it dozens of times, this is my favorite cartoon (laughs) !!!

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