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Khalid al-Farraj follows Pita


After actor Khalid al-Faraj followed US President Joe Biden in a humorous way, the satirical TV show aired on the “MBC” channel garnered millions of views.

An episode of “Studio 22” caught the attention of Americans, crowding out television productions in the United States, garnering millions of views, especially from Biden’s Democrat opponents and her deputy Kamala Harris, who played her mocking role.

The video clip depicts President Joe Biden as “a reluctant leader who sleeps forgotten in the middle of his speech” and an expression for the American newspaper “Newsweek”. Americans.

The episode, which aired last Monday, has garnered millions of views and is spreading on American and Arab social media.

Saudi comedian Khalid al-Faraj played the role of Biden in the famous episode.

In the preface to the short film, “Fake Biden” says, “I will talk about the crisis in Spain.” Returning to the amendment again, before finally saying: “Yes Russia, yes Russia.

Biden continues, “President of Russia Putin, I want to talk about Putin. Putin, listen, I have a very important message for you. What is that message …” Then he stands up and falls asleep.

Commenting on the clip, the New York Post says, “Fiden has a history of verbal misconduct and misinterpretation, which has led him to misunderstand people’s names – leading viewers have questioned his sharpness of mind.”

In the political context, he points out, “Sitcom Biden, broadcast by the Saudi TV network, may be a sign of Riyadh’s cold view of the administration. Relations between the United States and the United Kingdom are at an all-time low.”

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He cited evidence that Saudi Arabia and its allies in the region had recently rejected Biden’s request to increase oil production as energy prices rose following Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

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