May 27, 2022

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"Dubai Endowments" and "National Bonds" emphasize the importance of supporting charities.

“Dubai Endowments” and “National Bonds” emphasize the importance of supporting charities.

Dubai (WAM)

The Endowment and Miners’ Affairs Foundation in Dubai and the National Bonds Company, which works in the investment and savings sector in the UAE, have confirmed their support for the “Waqf Bonds” initiative in accordance with the rules of Islamic Sharia. Announced by the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Center for Endowment and Endowment Consultation, it is the first such charity in the region to be made available to individuals and organizations, in conjunction with both parties.
Ali al-Mudawa, general secretary of the Awkoff and Miners’ Affairs Foundation, said: “The Endowment Sukuk” is a quality initiative, one of the most modern tools that allows more individuals, organizations and organizations to contribute to charitable and humanitarian work. Dubai supports the initiative, which is a joint venture between the Mohammed bin Rashid International Center for Endowment and Endowment Consultation, the National Bonds and the Dubai Foundation for Endowments and Minors’ Affairs. He pointed out that Dubai Endowment’s support for the “Endowment Bonds” initiative expands the base of charitable and humanitarian work to include a greater number of sections of the community, allowing for the contribution of individuals, organizations and organizations. It reflects expressions of social solidarity and social responsibility that elevate the community and ensure that the needs of the first groups are met with care and support.
Zainab Zuma al-Tamimi, director of the Mohammed bin Rashid International Center for Endowment and Endowment Consultation, said the center was expanding its bridges of cooperation with various charities and humanitarian organizations. Activities and Benefit.
Mohammed al-Ali, CEO of the National Securities Group, said: “The support of national securities for this quality charity and humanitarian initiative has been a social responsibility since its inception as one of the core institutions, ensuring its effective and comprehensive functioning components, and key role in companies and economics in general. Al-Ali praised the launch of the “Waqf Sukuk” initiative, which is expected to reach 3.5 per cent of the expected total financial returns, while enjoying full security of the original capital. When, whether it is a permanent blessing or a temporary donation, the company accepts the provision of “endowment whips” in the name of அல்லது individuals or organizations, 1 All individuals can participate in the effort to purchase “endowment bonds” starting from 000 dirhams, while various participating companies and institutions purchase “endowment bonds” from 10,000 dirhams.

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