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King Charles thanked the English at the end of his coronation


Valentin Gravelli thanked King Charles of England on Monday, at the end of a three-day gala, insisting their support for him was “a most beautiful coronation gift”.

“Knowing that we have your support and encouragement and seeing the kindness you have shown in so many ways is the most beautiful gift we have received at the coronation,” the king wrote in a message, “promising to dedicate his life to it.” For service to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.”

After two days of celebrations, Saturday began with a culmination at Westminster Abbey, followed by festivities on Sunday, lunches for thousands of neighbors and a great concert, with Mondays dedicated to volunteer work and declared a public holiday.

More than 1,500 associations have carried out hundreds of thousands of voluntary activities. Crown Prince William, his wife Kate and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, have taken part in Scouting activities in Slough, West London.

Eight months after ascending to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III was crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday in front of some 2,300 guests in a solemn religious ceremony steeped in a thousand years of history and tradition, after which his wife Camilla was crowned queen.

It was the first time the coronation had been held in 70 years, since the last edition was in 1953, when Charles II’s mother, Elizabeth, ascended the throne.

According to a recent YouGov poll, indifferent to the coronation, more than 70% of Britons do not want to take part in any celebrations.

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Charles was not popular with his mother, Elizabeth II, who died in September. As anti-monarchy protesters motored through London on Saturday, they also protested in Scotland and Wales. About 15% of Britons believe the monarchy should be abolished.

On Saturday morning, London police arrested six leaders of the anti-monarchy “Republican” movement, including the movement’s leader, Graham Smith. Later in the evening they were released. Their arrest has been heavily criticized.

Police “regret” On Monday, London police released a statement about the arrests, saying six inmates were “regretful” they were unable to demonstrate on Coronation Day.

Under a law that came into force on Wednesday and has drawn criticism even at the United Nations, police can detain people suspected of trying to cause “serious disturbances” to public order.

Police said investigations did not indicate any such intention among those arrested and they would not be prosecuted.

On Twitter, Graham Smith noted that three police officers visited his home on Monday evening and apologized to him, but he did not accept it.

Smith criticized the new law during the day, saying, “They arrested us because the law was rushed through last week to give them the power to arrest us on any pretext.”

“We no longer have the right to demonstrate in this country. We only have the freedom to demonstrate with the permission of the police and politicians,” he told the BBC.

In total, British police announced that they had arrested 64 protesters on Saturday in connection with the coronation, including environmental activists.

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