April 1, 2023

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King of Morocco and Saudi Federation-Al-Riyadh-Arab Stadiums in the “Mohamed VI Cup” Final

Raja and its guest Saudi al-Ittihad meet in the final of the Mohammed VI Cup for Champions Clubs at the Mae Le Abdallah Stadium in Rabat.

According to GMT, the competition will take place at 11pm, Mecca time and 8pm.

The Saudi Federation qualified for the finals, after eliminating a tough contender from the semi-finals, ahead of its fellow Saudi youth, al-Raja Egyptian Ismaili Club.

The current edition of the Mohammed VI Cup champion, the “Arab Cup for Champions Clubs”, will receive a $ 6 million cash prize and runner-up $ 2.5 million.

The Arab Championship final was scheduled for April 18, 2020, but was postponed indefinitely due to a corona virus outbreak.

Both teams began their journey in the 32nd round, beating Lebanon al-Ahed, al-Wasl, Morocco’s Olympic Safi and his fellow Saudi youth to the final, while al-Raja qualified for the title after two spectacular matches with Palestinian Hilal al-Quds. And overtook its traditional rival, Wyatt (1-1 and 4-4 back and forth). Then Algeria overthrew Maldivia and Egyptian Ismail.

Both sides are looking forward to the second Arab title in their history, as Al-Etihad won the 2005 edition (Arab Champions League) at the expense of the Tunisian Spoxian, and Raja won the title a year later at the expense of the Egyptian NP.

Tunisia’s Esperance is the club with the most titles in the championship, with three titles equal to Iraq al-Rashid (Al-Cork).

The two teams will enter the tournament in two different formats from the semifinals, as “Brigadier” will lead Brazilian coach Fabio Carrelli, who told ESBN, the Brazilian network, “When I came to coach the federation, the goal was to keep the team in its normal position by competing for titles. This is our first chance to achieve. He added, “The competition is very important and we have the opportunity to show the strength of this team of players. We worked hard to get here. I will get my first title with Al Ittihad.”

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The start of the season was not ideal for the yellow and black team because they lost with a clean goal in the opening match against Al-Faiha in the Saudi League before defeating Al-Rayd by three clean goals.

Kareli is counting on his four teammates, striker Romerinho, Arab Championship (7 goals), goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe, playmaker Igor Coronado and center-back Bruno Henrique and Morocco senior Karim El Ahmadi. The group also includes notable names such as Fahad al-Mawlid, Saud Abdel Hameed and Abdullah al-Malki, while the team is missing its Egyptian defender Ahmed Hekasi as it has been suspended.

The “Green Eagle”, on the other hand, is headed by Tunisian coach Chad Seppi, who is looking for a second title with the team after leading him to the African Federation Cup (Confederations Cup).

SEBI will be under great public pressure as the club’s supporters demand the title, as it bears the name of King Mohammed VI of the country, and the club’s management hopes to win a massive financial reward, which will lead to a major crisis in the future.

As Rome lost 5-0 at the Olympic Stadium, Raja prepared for the final with a friendly against Roma led by its Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho.

The Tunisian experience of his players and their battle, especially with goalkeeper Anas al-Zeniti, defender Elias al-Hadid, Marwan Hadaudi, young Abdelila Matkur, team captain and highest scorer in the tournament, Mohsin Medvelli (5 goals), Congolese Democrat Fabrice Enkoma and He will hold the position of sports producer along with winger Sofian Rahimi. He last wore a green shirt before heading to Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

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“It is a wonderful thing to say goodbye to Raja and its fans with an important topic,” Rahimi said in a press release. Rahimi will lose his ally in the Congolese Democratic Front, Ben Malango, who went to Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, where he could use Mahmoud Benhalib’s initiative with Seppi Abdullahi al-Hafizi.

The match will be chaired by Egyptian referee Mahmoud al-Banna.